Let’s discover all the World Mobile Congress 2019 News

The Mobile World Congress is an annual congress that involves the world of mobile communication. This congress is considered the most important in its sector in the world and is currently being held in our beloved Barcelona. It has been celebrated since 2006 and will continue to be celebrated there until 2023. That’s why we have to take advantage, now that we have it nearby, to see as many advances in wireless communications as possible, let’s discover the World Mobile Congress 2019 News.

Ericsson, Facebook, Google, Huawei, LG Electronics, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony and ZTE. These have been the top ten companies that have fought among themselves to offer the greatest number of extravagant breakthroughs in the 2019 Mobile World Congress.

It has been estimated that during these days of congress more than 50% of 107,000 attendees are top executives of companies from more than 200 countries.

The Mobile World Congress has had some 120,000 square metres of exhibition space, making it one of the largest congresses organised in the city of Barcelona. It welcomed 2,400 exhibiting companies from more than 200 countries. Out of these 2,400 companies, 189 are Spanish.

This congress began with 51,000 visitors in its first edition in Barcelona, and this edition has already surpassed the 107,000 attendees last year. This is an important source of income for the economy of the Catalan capital and its entire area of influence, as it generates some 473 million euros. In fact, since its first edition in Barcelona it has been estimated that the event has left around 4,800 million euros.

World Mobile Congress 2019 News: The era of folding phones.

This Mobile World Congress seems to have been the beginning of a new era, the era of folding phones. Huawei, Samsung, TCL and other brands have competed this year in this new category of flexible and dual-screen mobiles.

The real use of foldable phones has yet to be proven, but here they are. Will a double-screen device really help? Are they tough or are they as fragile as they look?

These questions do not matter now, the important thing in these cases is to get first, ahead of the rest of companies.

The two brands that have offered the most charming folding mobiles have been:

Samsung was the first to introduce his folding phone. The device is called Samsung Galaxy Fold. Folded, we see a 4.6-inch outdoor screen with which we can perform the usual actions. However, a 7.3-inch screen is protected inside. It allows you to perform several tasks at once, and incorporates six cameras. It will cost $1,980 and goes on sale on April 26.

Huawei also unveiled the Mate X, his folding phone, and although it is the same, the execution is different; the screen is exposed, which implies a cover to avoid problems. According to the company’s CEO “it is the fastest folding machine in the world”. It will also incorporate a 5G modem and its price will reach 2,399 euros in the market.

World Mobile Congress 2019 News: The era of 5G

If the last edition of the MWC was considered transitional for the 5G, in this one the revelation has already been given. From the first day of the congress it was announced that the 5G was already here and that it would be the technological breakthrough for the connection to the network. No fantasies, a reality that will change the world.

Although we’ll still have to wait for it to be fully established. One gets used from one day to the next to a higher speed and all those other hopeful advantages of the 5G. There is still time for a full commercial deployment of this technology, yet to be defined and executed, but in the MWC there were already dozens of 5G nodes designated for authentic testing. And not just nodes, there were dozens of real examples with which you could feel how this technology will change everything.

Cellnex, Sitep, Grupo MasMóvil and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, for example, have already presented a pilot of drones equipped with all types of sensors, cameras and 5G connection. They will be used for fires and various emergency situations. The Generalitat has presented a project to interconnect the ambulances to the 5G network and thus facilitate the remote assistance of doctors. Also, in the same enclosure there was a car that, thanks to the 5G, was able to communicate with the elements that surrounded it and received alarms in the event of an unforeseen situation.

World Mobile Congress 2019 News: The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Two big companies have told us about advances in AI. On the one hand, Telefónica, which together with Microsoft Corporation has announced a strategic alliance. Both will collaborate in different innovation projects to transform the area of telecommunications.

The agreement is based on the joint work already carried out with Aura, Telefónica’s artificial intelligence digital assistant, and “will allow Telefónica’s latest generation networks to be combined with the Microsoft Azure AI platform to design the services that the telcos will offer in the future”.

Telefónica and Microsoft want to develop a whole set of applications that will run on all the devices in their customers’ homes. These applications will allow us to interact with home devices and perform the typical tasks of our day to day. They will explore the opportunities of artificial intelligence and other breakthrough technologies such as blockchain, 5G or edge computing.

The alliance between these two companies is intended to be framed within a commitment to ethics and data privacy. Both in storage and in use.

On the other hand, BMW presented a system of natural and multimodal interaction with the vehicle and its environment. A system that combines the most advanced voice command technology with increased gesture control and gaze recognition. In order to allow, for the first time, a true multimodal and intelligent interaction.

Artificial intelligence will evaluate and interpret voice instructions quickly and reliably, as well as gestures and other multimodal information provided by the driver. Everything to help you in your driving. The algorithm responsible for the interpretation of the data is continuously optimized through automatic learning. It was said that in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence, the system will continue to advance and be implemented until its sensors become aware of your emotions.

World Mobile Congress 2019 News: Interesting gadgets

The 2019 Mobile World Congress has also brought us small and charismatic gadgets to give a bit of life to our existence, definitely boring without these gadgets.

Smart toothbrush:

Our buccal cavity is reached by a very clever toothbrush. This is Oral-B Genius X; it has come from the future to, with its thousands of brushing styles, greatly optimize every tooth and taste scratch the palate.

Genius X brings together the brushing routine information from thousands of people and notices your individual brushing style. Everything to train you in better hygiene habits. It’s like your personal dentist.

Its IA technology tracks your mouth, cares for your brushing and talks to you, with personalized comments, about the areas that require the most attention. Note: It works with the help of a free mobile application.

Mixed reality glasses:

Microsoft launches the HoloLens 2 mixed reality glasses, a pair of top glasses with a holographic device that offers a resolution of 2K per eye.

They are HoloLens “2”, because there were already some HoloLens from Microsoft. The innovations with respect to the previous ones are:

-These are more ergonomic.

-The screen tracks your eye movement, iris recognition, spy film, login, gesture and voice control.

-The resolution is doubled compared to the previous version, being now 2K per eye.

$3,500, yep that’s the price. I don’t know if they can be booked at your nearest optician.

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