New Pandora FMS update package 728

The main novelty in this update package is the new standby mode of the software agent, besides a hundred small changes and improvements. With this release, we have solved some bugs and incorporated several usability suggestions from our customers, improving Pandora FMS.


Standby mode of a software agent

With the 728 update package you will be able to suspend a software agent at will from the console. This allows you to have an agent running, waiting, without generating data and without leaving a trace on the host system. When activated again, it will run its configuration again, and while suspended in the console, the annoying “unknown” events will not be visible.

New plugins for monitoring

New plugins have been created that will make monitoring much easier. The first and most relevant would be SAP Hana, a database engine owned by SAP with which you can monitor the status of that engine, recovering various metrics such as: SAP Hana connection status, services health, HDB Daemon status, Compileserver status, among many others.

Following the monitoring line of VMware, RHEL, Xen… With release 728, the plugin for monitoring Oracle OVM virtualization is published.

New widgets for the dashboard

New widgets have been created in dashboards: System Group Status and clock view.
The System Group Status allows to visualize the number of modules of the selected groups that are in each of the following status: critical, warning or fired alerts. Clicking on each one of these cells we will be able to visualize a view with the corresponding modules filtered by group and status.

Updating permissions on users authenticated with LDAP

Starting with this release, logging in with the LDAP authentication method will update users when they change permissions in the ‘Advance LDAP’ configuration or within the LDAP server.

Transformation of units in the Y-axis of real time graphs

Now the Y-axis values of the real-time graphs are represented shortened as long as it is possible to perform a reduction to hundreds, thousands etc.

Other improvements

Improved performance with the use of tags.
MySQL plugin update.
Module Groups view has been refactored.
Improvement in the performance of the Translate String extension, in Pandora FMS Help. Visual Retouches in the console and in the Meta Console reports.
Performance improvements in Pandora HA.
Synchronization of licenses from Metaconsole.


Visual consoles have been updated.
Fixed a bug when exporting to CSV in agent view.
Fixed ACL Enterprise performance problems.
Corrected the filtering in the events view.
Fixed bugs in reports with custom graphics and massive update of modules.
Fixed the error in the cluster view when modules have spaces in the name.
Fixed a problem in the agent creation wizard in Meta Console.
Within the edition of network components the limitation of characters in plugin modules has been solved.
Fixed the bug when moving services from one agent to another.
Fixed the bugs in the public links of visual console
Corrected the visualization of negative data in graphs.
Solved the error when exporting policies.
Fixed the bugs in the cluster alert editor
Fixed the bug when uploading files to Metaconsole.
Advanced LDAP permissions have been edited.

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