New Cluster Monitoring View

Cluster Monitoring

  • Monitoring an active/active or active/passive cluster of applications such as Oracle, WebLogic, SQL Server or Exchange is now as easy as completing a five-step wizard. It includes its own preconfigured and automatic views.

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WEB User Experience (WUX)

  • Improvements in WUX server performance and graphical visualization in statistics.

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Network Maps improvements

  • For a much clearer and more ordered display, the representation of the nodes has been improved.

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Clocks in visual consoles

  • Clocks have been added with the different time zones in the visual consoles of Pandora FMS.

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Improved graphs

  • For a better organization and representation of the data.

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Metaconsole improvements

  • The update of agents through massive operations has been improved thanks to its immediate synchronization.

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  • Performance optimization and visualization of the visual consoles and incorporation of full-scale graphics by default.
  • Review of the reports of the automatic combined graphs (with and without full-scale graphs).
  • Optimized background preview.

Improvements in events and alerts

  • Improved functioning of the alert view and tags and the visualization of module instructions in events.
  • Exception control optimization.
  • Incorporation of changes in the filtering of events with parent and child groups.
  • Visual changes in the Chrome extension of events.
  • New macro for the an event name.
  • Changes in the formatting of fields in email sending actions.

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Improvements in graphs and reports

  • New functionality that allows setting a default name for custom graphics and PDF reports.
  • Changes in the visual appearance of horizontal graphs.

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  • Greater precision in graph values.
  • Advanced functionality for header and footer formats in PDF reports .
  • Optimization of the presentation of simple module dynamic graphs. Changes in the presentation of decimal places in static graphs for a better visualization of the values.
  • Improved display of graphs combined with small intervals.

Installation process improvements

  • New commands in the installation ISO for better operation.
  • Optimization of agent installation in Windows with the possibility of starting and stopping the service, as well as editing Pandora FMS configuration from the shortcuts in the start menu, for users that do not have administrator permission.

Improvements in user management

  • Improved user search and passwords in the database with LDAP.
  • Console ACL cache system optimization.

Internal improvements

  • New default parameters have been added in the Pandora FMS server configuration file concerning the sync server, dynamic thresholds and SNMP forwarding for a better server configuration after the ISO installation.
  • Increase in the number of threads for syncserver servers.
  • Updating the content of the online help and its format.
  • Optimization of the system audit tool with respect to information on changes.
  • The QR functionality from mobile QR has added the option to redirect to the normal view if the mobile browser is in “see as computer” mode, otherwise it redirects to the the mobile version view of Pandora FMS.

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  • Design improvements in pop ups.
  • Possibility of changing the links in the login screen to redirect to the spaces that the user decides, such as their own wiki or incident management tool.
  • Improved CSV export from the log collector.
  • We have optimized the calculation of SLAs when times are unknown.
  • Alphabetical sorting of agent groups has been included in agent creation and editing views.


  • Fixed error notification when creating a service.
  • Fixed problem with public URLs in the mobile view.
  • Fixed error in the recursiveness of groups in massive operations.
  • Fixed API bug when enabling alerts.
  • Fixed bug with graphs in module alert emails.
  • Fixed bug with the module filter disabled.
  • Troubleshooting problem in the event view with a user with tags.
  • Resolved incident with the restart of Pandora FMS sessions bypressing F5.
  • Fixed SQL error in agent view.
  • Improved CSV export from the log collector.
  • Optimized SLA calculation when times are unknown.
  • Alphabetical sorting of agent groups has been included in agent creation and editing views.

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