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What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 718

January 26, 2018

What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 718

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This last update package of Pandora FMS 7.0 NG contains several improvements and visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. A list of the most important changes can be found below.


  • Built-in alert functionality for modules in unknown status.
  • Update in the eHorus client.

novedades 718

  • Added the posibility to configure the timeout of mainframe server FTP connections.
  • Module editing has been optimized through massive operations.
  • Improved user access to custom graphics depending on permissions.
  • Added the possibility of selecting the “auto disable” mode in massive agent operations.
  • Improved reporting of module events in metaconsole report templates.
  • Improved the form for editing web analysis modules (wux).
  • Improved agent searches in the console tree view and meta console.
  • Favourite visual console functionality has been improved.

novedades 718

  • Optimization of SNMP traps log filtering.
  • Improvements in the syslogserver, with the possibility of searching the agent reference via IP.
  • Including new macros: use the extra ID of an event externally and get the agent name.
  • Improved the synchronization of metaconsole users to a node by using profiles assigned to existing groups in the node.
  • Including all possible event macros in the event responses.
  • Deployment of metaconsole synchronization functions using API.
  • Improved tip graphs in console and metaconsole: including real data options (TIP) and OnlyAVG in “customgraphs” of a graph container, and “show percentile ” in combined graphs.

novedades 718

  • In order not to allow its deletion, now there’s a feature to have unlocked subgroups when there is only one group in the console that is blocked.
  • The start of the mobile view and its filtering agent view has been improved.

novedades 718

  • A number of strings have been translated.

Visual enhancements

  • The visual aspect of the meta console has been renewed.
  • Changes have been made for a better visualization of the agent status graphs when interactive graphs are deactivated.
  • Improvements when drawing network maps

novedades 718

  • Optimization in the nomenclature of image files of personalized logos.
  • We have optimized the presentation of media data in visual styles.
  • Incorporated a new visual effect in the login screen to Pandora FMS.
  • Improved visual aspect of plugin editor fields.
  • The visual appearance of the SLA Wizard has been improved.
  • Changes in the visualization of dates in the 24h graphs of the agents.

novedades 718

  • Improved visualization of interface graphs in agent view.
  • The visualization of the container graphics overview has been optimized.

novedades 718

Fixed problems

  • Solved execution problem of advanced cron type options with synthetic modules.
  • Fixed bugs in scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed bug when changing the report template information in the metaconsole.
  • Fixed bug in the cloning of items in the visual console.
  • Fixed problem with interface names display on network maps.
  • Fixed bug when creating remote configuration files in agents with empty agent name.
  • Fixed error in passwords with SNMP v3 when created via modules or policy instead of using SNMP Wizard interfaces.
  • Fixed bug with threads in the export server.
  • Solved vulnerability of access to Pandora FMS server.
  • Fixed bug in VMware extension.
  • Fixed bug in the recursiveness of groups in massive operations.

Download Pandora FMS

The last updated version of Pandora FMS can be downloaded from the downloads section of our website:

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