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What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 717

December 20, 2017

What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 717

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This last Pandora FMS 7.0 NG update package contains several improvements and visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. Here is a list of the most important changes:


  • Loading and operation time has been improved both in the event view when there are a large number of groups and in the metaconsole overview.
  • Dynamic maps have been included in the VMware view.

whats new 717

  • Optimized LDAP authentication in multiuser environments and search for parameters within your servers.
  • Possibility of including macros in IPs comments in IPAM so that they can be used in alerts and events.
  • Improved export to CSV in IPAM.
  • A checkbox has been included in the reports so that you can choose whether or not to display empty data.
  • It is now possible to view a password change audit from the console.
  • Improvements in the log viewer, both in searches and with information from different sources.
  • Improved user experience thanks to a series of changes in the UX plugin.
  • Improvements in the functionality and visualization of network maps.

whats new 717

  • New search fields by group have been included in the console and metaconsole tree view, in the text module data viewer, and in the custom agent fields and SNMP filters.

whats new 717

  • The database check tool has been optimized.
  • Possibility of creating or uploading files to collections with AW permissions.
  • Optimized Pandora FMS server thread monitoring.
  • We have optimized XML processing.
  • Improvements in server self-monitoring and automatic restart script in Windows.
  • Optimization of user sorting in the user management section of the metaconsole.
  • Improvements have been made in access to remote nodes with sessions activated using autologin.
  • We have improved the restart of agents that contain file collections.

Visual improvements

  • Improvements in line display on visual consoles when full screen mode is selected.
  • Optimized visualization of dynamic radial maps.
  • We have made improvements to the VMware view.
  • Improvements in the visualization of critical state agents and the filtering of GIS maps.

whats new 717

  • Event visualization in the sound console has been optimized.

whats new 717

  • Possibility of sorting the elements that are added to custom graphics.
  • Within the custom graphics (customgraphs) you can see the units of the module values.
  • Optimized visualization of keepalive and boolean modules in static graphs.

whats new 717

  • The display of the “None” option in the selection boxes has been improved.
  • Improvements in the visualization of agent options in the massive operations of the Satellite Server.
  • Optimized visualization of thresholds in agent and policy modules.
  • We have included two new series within the combined graphs: product of the sum of all the graphs and/or the average of all of them.

novedades 717


  • Fixed bug with public links of images in the visual consoles
  • Fixed API error when disabling alerts.
  • Unified criteria for plugins in the normal and silent installation types of Windows agents.
  • Fixed autorefresh bug in the dashboard.
  • Fixed update error of the alarm counter triggered when deleting an alert.
  • Fixed bug in SNMPv3 modules creation from snmpwalk when user or passwords contain special characters.
  • Fixed bug in the synchronization of disabled agents of the meta console.

Download Pandora FMS

You can download the last updated version of Pandora FMS from the downloads section of our website:

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