This last Pandora FMS 7.0 NG update package contains several improvements and visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. Here is a list of the most important changes:


  • It is now possible to create empty network maps manually and not automatically calculate relationships.
  • New feature that allows multiple visual consoles within the same dashboard to look like individual dashboards in slide mode.

what's new 716

  • Macros have been added to the visual console tags so that when the consoles are generated through the CLI, all the necessary tags can be added automatically.
  • Added advanced feature in the visual consoles, which allows having access control to the visualization of contents in the consoles. In this way, it is possible to present different contents in the same visual console depending on the group/profile to which the user belongs.
  • The limit of characters allowed in the email addresses for scheduled tasks has been increased.
  • Network map management flow has been improved for better operation.

what's new 716

  • ISO kernel optimization.
  • New feature to specify thresholds when displaying the status of a parent visual console associated with a static image.
  • Added to the CLI all new fields of visual consoles for the creation and editing of visual consoles.
  • New feature that allows selecting (via token) whether or not to save the password to the database when using LDAP authentication.
  • A new tag view has been added so that users with tag permission restrictions have a reliable view where the information is reflected correctly.
  • Improved text search in visual consoles.

Visual Improvements

  • Improved visual aspect of the SNMP interface Wizard.
  • Improvements in the visualization of network maps.
  • Added the ability to choose the level of objects in the Visual Console, allowing an object to always be one layer above the others and so it can’t be hidden by another element that overlaps.

what's new 716

  • The positioning of the elements in the visual consoles of the meta console has been optimized.

what's new 716

  • Changes made to the event view for better performance in event viewing.
  • A feature has been included to save the positioning and zoom that we want to establish in a network map.
  • Optimized mobile APP configuration for event viewer.


  • Fixed problem with the advanced cron options in modules.
  • Fixed bug in public links of dashboard elements.
  • Fixed bug with HTML entities when events are created with Pandora FMS server.
  • Fixed errors in scheduled tasks due to SSL validation failure.
  • Fixed bug in SNMP monitoring.
  • Fixed problem when moving an element in an agent.
  • Fixed meta console bug when changing permissions in Active Directory.
  • Fixed bug in dashboard cells.

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