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What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 715

November 15, 2017

What’s new in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 715

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The latest Pandora FMS 7.0 NG update package contains numerous improvements and visual changes as well as some problem-solving. Here we have a list of the most important changes.

Visual improvements

  • The Metaconsole now allows displaying the description in HTML view just like it appears in PDF view.
  • New options in the Visual Console label editor have been included.
  • Customization of icons to identify agents on GIS maps has been included.

whats new 715

  • The inclusion of HTML images in visual consoles has been improved.
  • Loading of the metaconsole tree view and nodes has been optimized.
  • Alphabetical sorting of modules when creating a new element in the Visual Console included.
  • PDF reports present a visual improvement in the labels of the graphics.
  • Visual appearance of histograms on the dashboard has been improved.
  • Dynamic radial maps usability increased.

whats new 715

  • The dashboard has been optimized with the creation of a single initial widget and improved full-screen mode. .
  • Improvements in the combined graphs view within agent.
  • Visual consoles incorporate new types of graphics:”Serialized foot graphs”, “serialized bar charts” and “Circular progress bar”.

whats new 715

  • Visualization of serialized pie charts with different backgrounds has been improved.

whats new 715

  • Improved visualization of gauge graphs with thresholds lower than 1.

whats new 715

Other improvements

  • In environments with many elements, the agent/module view and dashboard have been improved.
  • Incorporated a new macro for alerts that the server returns to which an agent is associated.
  • Security enhancements to prevent potential vulnerabilities.
  • We have included the possibility to make recursive enumeration of groups in the agent/module view.
  • Improvements on Network maps linked to dummy nodes.

whats new 715

  • SNMPv3 modules can now include special characters in passwords.
  • The module_logevent monitoring of Windows has been improved thanks to new features.
  • Improvements to circular-type maps from a recon task.
  • Multiple agent and module selection improved.
  • Optimized report creation and export in CSV format.
  • Network server performance increased through a series of configuration improvements..
  • Changes made to the reports, including new maximum, minimum and average options that allow you to define time periods within a period to display the information more accurately.

whats new 715

  • Included new field to set the auto-refresh time of the elements.
  • It is now possible to edit the OID in SNMP modules from mass operations.
  • We have created a new type of report to show the total increase/decrease of a numerical module over a period of time.
  • Optimized agent data queries.
  • Improvements in sending reports by email.
  • Massive report deletions are now possible .

whats new 715

  • Improvements in the operation of scheduled tasks.

Problems solved

  • Fixed bug in the inventory tables.
  • Fixed error with the names of SNMP interfaces in policies.
  • Fixed visual bug in dashboards with widgets containing a visual console with “AutoSLAGraph” elements.
  • Fixed the erroneous recognition of OS X operating system in Pandora FMS agents.
  • Fixed bugs in Windows process watchdogs.
  • Fixed inconsistency in ACL parameters.
  • Fixed bug with advanced cron-type options in synthetic modules.
  • Fixed error in the search and sorting of agents in agent management.
  • Fixed bug of event storm protection when there are more than two servers in the same instance (master/slave).

Download Pandora FMS

You can download the latest updated version of Pandora FMS from the download section of our website:

  1. Harry

    For community. Is the pdf view and sending report via email available in this version?

    • Carla Andres

      Hi harry,In the latest version of Pandora FMS you can create a pdf document and send it via email, this email contents data about the modules, agents, etc...Thanks!

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