This last Pandora FMS 7.0 NG update package contains numerous improvements and visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. Below is a list of the most important changes.

Visual improvements

  • Improved visualization of graphs of different sizes in PDF reports.
  • Optimized performance in metaconsole tree view.
  • Improved the visual aspect of Pandora FMS installation wizard.

whats new 714

  • Enhanced visualization of full scale graphs in Prediction modules.
  • Improved reporting of log reports with a lot of content.
  • Improved visual console status display inside another visual console.
  • Optimized visualization of agent relationships on network maps.

whats new 714

Other improvements

  • An advanced LDAP authentication method similar to Active Directory has been implemented.
  • It has been added in the CSV file when IPAM data is exported, the names of the agents when they are created in Pandora FMS and the comments of the agents/IPs.
  • The behavior of recognition tasks has been improved when the server is restarted. Manual tasks do not restart automatically, whereas non-manual tasks do.
  • Added HTTPS support in the API configuration inside Pandora FMS server.
  • Mail server settings have been optimized for Cron Jobs (scheduled tasks).
  • Added the option to have “alias as name” selectable by default in the setup when new agents are created in the console.
  • Optimized CSV generation when exporting custom graphics in a graph container as well as module graphics.

whats new 714

  • Improved default full-scale chart settings improved.
  • Improved the “logevent” module of Windows agents.
  • Improved graphing and historical database in metaconsole environments.

whats new 714

  • Included “all modules” option in massive operations to prevent unwanted operations from being performed on all modules when “Any by mistake” option is selected.
  • Pandora FMS diagnostic sections optimized.
  • Added a filter on visual consoles to optimize usability in very large environments with a multitude of visual consoles.

whats new 714

  • It has been included the possibility of showing timesticks in days-hours-minutes-seconds format in the satellite modules in the agent view, in the metaconsole tree view and in the data history (both in console and metaconsole).
  • Added an exception control to avoid accumulating excessive connections when a Tentacle server without password receives a request from an agent with a login password.
  • A new braa.exe has been created for satellite server and server on Windows.

Problems solved

  • Fixed problem with deadlocks in the database when Pandora FMS runs on a Percona cluster.
  • Fixed bug in LDAP and Active Directory remote authentication methods.
  • Fixed bug with “diffview” option of inventory modules.

whats new 714

  • Fixed bug with service watchdogs in Windows agents.
  • Fixed problem of password update between Pandora FMS and LDAP.
  • Solved remote configuration problem in 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed bug when changing the time range in the graphs of an agent for standard users.
  • Fixed bug when creating SQL report elements in the report templates in Metaconsole.
  • Fixed bug in the Android application in the SNMP alert event viewer.

whats new 714

  • Fixed problem with wrong agent name in events generated by inventory change .

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