The latest Pandora FMS update package is already available, featuring important improvements and visual changes. Some of the most important changes are listed below:

Visual improvements

  • Performing multiple operations with visual console element is now possible.
  • A visual indicator to know when an agent is included in planned shutdown has been added.
  • Visual improvements have been made in the events that show the last 24 hours of an agent.

whats new 713

  • Revised and improved the CSS style (Cascading Style Sheets) of help pages.
  • An option has been added inside the group icon that generates a summary of the group elements in the visual console.

whats new 713

  • The appearance of the agent management wizard in the metaconsole has been optimized.
  • Selecting logos in. png format (and not only in. jpg) in Pandora FMS reports is now possible.
  • A checkbox has been included in the node and metaconsole report elements to create TIP graphics reports (of actual data) in the “Module Graphic” element.

whats new 713

  • Improved translations in the shortened data field.
  • The visual aspect of Pandora FMS help has been improved when selecting the “blacktheme”.

whats new 713

Other improvements

  • The functionality of creating, editing and deleting visual consoles from command line is now included.
  • We have made permission improvements based on the user profile in the report submission “cron jobs”.
  • Organization of events in Pandora FMS mobile application now improved.
  • Improvements have been made in policy development based on existing components.
  • Added TIP option in the interface graphs to visualize the actual data at full scale.

whats new 713

  • We have improved the performance of macros in the combined graphs of the report templates.
  • Having blacklists of networks to receive SNMP, WMI, ICMP or exec type checks on the satellite servers is now possible.
  • From now on, the agent will not fail when a drive does not exist in a module_freedisk_percent type module.
  • Improvements made to the last activity panel when using the database interface.

whats new 713

  • Improvements made in the graphics of “customgraph” modules.
  • Improvements made in policy macros.

Problems solved

  • Fixed bug in the creation of programmed stops.
  • Fixed problem in agent name sorting in the “detail monitor” view.
  • Fixed the problem of linking an added agent by reconnecting the satellite server with another device from network maps.

whats new 713

  • Fixed the error in the calculation that is done to determine if there are fallen Pandora FMS servers.
  • Fixed error in the formatting of the information coming from the string type data modules that appears in the data table.
  • Fixed bug when displaying the image with the graphic when configuring a PDF report to be mailed.

whats new 713

  • Fixed visual bug with “AutoSLAGraph” type elements in the visual consoles.
  • Fixed bug in the remote configuration of Unix/Linux agents in local mode.

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