The latest Pandora FMS update package is already available to download, featuring some visual changes and bug fixes.

Some of the most important changes are listed below:

  • Export of the user’s personalized graph to CSV. Only the data from the first graph used to be shown, now all series are shown.
  • Creation of SNMP v2c modules through the CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • Creation and editing of report templates in Metaconsole, which used to be there since the 709 package.
  • Renewal of license when expired, due to the problems originated when this was not done through the Admin User.
  • Elements placed in Visual Console, some text labels had lost the format in patch 709. In addition, a text label that appeared below the graphic has been removed.
  • Migration script from version 6 to the current one. A small problem in the backup procedure, when loading through the source command, has been fixed.
  • In the “Label” field, macros in the report templates of the metaconsole were not working.
  • SQL error when viewing log4x type data in detailed mode.
  • When launching a graph from the event viewer, if the module contained spaces in the name, a white screen appeared.

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