The latest Pandora FMS update package is already available, featuring important improvements and visual changes. Some of the most important changes are listed below:

Visual improvements

  • Better navigation between different Dashboards.

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  • Better message visualization and translation on reports.
  • Description box added in the HTML view of Metaconsole reports.

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  • A button to go to the current day within the calendar in which the planned stops are determined added.
  • Various improvements in the visual console and Metaconsole.
  • Better visuals on dynamic and combined charts.

Other improvements

  • Service manipulation using API is now possible.
  • Queries in the Pandora FMS server optimized
  • Agent name in GIS maps now included.

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  • Better password reset process.
  • SNMP recognition features in Satellite server improved.
  • A chart with all the events in the last 24 hours of each module added in the console.

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  • Web server cookies optimized.
  • Improvements in group ACLs.
  • Time rank change option in module charts for non-admin users deactivated.

Problems solved


  • Recognition tasks of new agents debugged.
  • Problems with PDF reports with Chrome now solved.
  • Post-process failure in massive operations on modules fixed.
  • Fixed issue when setting the units of measure of the modules in advanced console settings, instead of in the module configuration.
  • Bug in GIS maps with Google maps now fixed.

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  • Time rank adjustment in module charts for non-admin users debugged.

novedades 710

  • Problem with secondary servers in slave mode in Metaconsole environments which could not access it due to belonging to a different network is now fixed.
  • Time rank in SNMP interface chart in the Metaconsole for non-admin users is now debugged.
  • Error messages in local modules fixed.


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