Pandora FMS 7.0 NG, package 708, contains numerous functional improvements and visual upgrades. Here’s a selection of some of the most important changes on the latest version:

Visual improvements

  • Incorporation of the reporting option in the dashboards and the transactional maps of the location.
  • The possibility of choosing the color of the graphics in the widgets has been added.

  • The size of the module’s names can be increased on the Export server.
  • Improvements of the Visual console visualization and representation.
  • Inclusion of the percentil configuration token for the calculations in the visual options of the Metaconsole.

  • Improved string-style module information visualization in the data tables.


Other improvements

  • Now, the type of agent (network , software, or satellite) can be recognized from the Console.
  • Changes have been made in ACLs to optimize the user´s Access to the menus.
  • Improved SNMP console by introducing active filter indications similar to event ones.

  • It is already possible to assign politics to entire groups of agents.
  • It includes the help of the macros from different IPs.
  • It has been added the possibility of creating modules or network components from the SNMP browser.

  • Improvements have been made in the Management of each user’s refresh pages.
  • Some improvements as well in the GIS maps from Pandora FMS in the agent of Android (Pandroid).


Problems solved

  • On the visual console, problems regarding refreshing, poor fit, and the creation of module graphics for non-administrative users have been solved.
  • Fixed bugs in the alert view with the name of the representative and the SNMP alerts.

  • Solved LDAP configuration problem when saving selected groups.
  • Fixed uninstall failures of DEBIAN and Tarball from the Pandora FMS agent.
  • Database and database history problems solved in state checking, data copying and query log4x type modules.
  • Fixed problems in policies for module macros and data visualization of data server modules.
  • Graphical problems have been solved in the automatic graphical macros of the report templates, and in the visualization of the modules in the Metaconsole.

  • Debug agents mode problem solved.
  • Fixed bug with sending data to secondary server.

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