Pandora FMS 7.0 NG, package 707, contains numerous functional improvements and visual upgrades. Here’s a selection of some of the most important changes on the latest version:

Visual improvements

  • Better group display options on different console views.
  • Better visuals on Netflow display and Metaconsole.

whats new pandorafms 707

  • The visual design of the new events sound console has been cleaned up and also now includes features the agent that generated the event.
  • The service view design has been overhauled, and made easier to use.
  • The value of the “unit” field now updates correctly when policies are modified and/or the data on said module changes.
  • Text backgrounds have been shaded in to provide a better viewing experience.

whats new pandorafms 707

Other improvements

  • Now incorporates previous 24 hour events history on agents’ detailed view:

whats new pandorafms 707

  • Better authentication protocols to avoid XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Historical database can now perform custom SQL queries for producing reports.
  • Update agent cache to Metaconsole process now optimized.
  • Improvements to log file size limit, when displayed on the console.
  • “Header” parameter option added when creating a webserver-type module.
  • Trap search results on the SNMP console are now more informative when no existing traps coincide with the search.
  • Agent fields can now be customized, adding and modifying fields such as encriptions, and displaying the data on screen with hidden characters.
  • The events creation and validation plugin now includes the following upgrades:

whats new pandorafms 707

    • URLS included when adding critical/warning/unknown-type actions.
    • Data sending and Ison custom fields improved.
    • A new event can validate previous ones with the same ID Extra.
    • Agents associated with an event can now be selected by name, without using the numeric ID.
    • Automatic agent creation, if not specified otherwise on the event.
  • View modules with no assigned alerts and create alerts from the same display.

whats new pandorafms 707

Problems solved

  • “servername” now allows upper case characters.
  • A problem with Generating Network Maps on Windows servers running Pandora FMS now debugged.
  • SNMP traps alerts macros debugged.
  • Problems with agent plugin “pandora_df_used” when detecting network volume debugged.
  • The “pandora_db” plugin displayed a warning when the server name was not defined on the server’s config file. Now it takes the machine’s default hostname to avoid displaying the warning.
  • Data graphics over six months old were buggy, due to a modification on the X axis. Debugged.

whats new pandorafms 707

  • Synchronization on the data server module status when modified through the console now debugged.
  • Plugin server modules related to the macro that assigns the agent its alias now debugged.
  • Agent config files plugins suffered write errors after applying an agent plugins policy. Now corrected.
  • Search filters and page changes bugs now fixed.
  • System time modules generated by the SNMP wizard now displays correctly.

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