Presenting 705, the latest packet from Pandora FMS 7.0 NG, with numerous improvements, better-looking visuals and debugs. Here’s a list of the most important changes:

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Improved funcionalities

  • Multi-origin macros. From now on you can use content from any agent module that generates alerts to include more information about the agent.
  • An additional tag filter in mass module operations to facilitate the operation in certain specific cases:

whats new 705

  • Improvements in mass Plugin operations.
  • ‘Strict ACL’ option eliminated from User menu.
  • New report item with Maximum, Average and Minimum values.
  • Improved free text search.
  • Configuration changes (Events detection) collected in inventory data, such as installed software packets, network hardware configuration, paths, installed IPs or hardware, now include more detail on the change; a new item, an eliminated item, a modification of an existing item, etc.
  • Inventory list can now be ordered by agent.
  • Group view display is now in black and white when displaying total data (ALL) to avoid confusion.

whats new 705

  • A new search filter (by date) has been added to the SNMP console.

whats new 705


Better visuals

  • Better visuals on the events sound console. It now displays details of the event that triggered the alarm and the interface is cleaner and clearer.
  • Better Service Graphs displays.
  • Better inventory display.

whats new 705

  • There is a new option for displaying Module Graphs without compacting the image. You can now zoom in on full resolution for more detail.
  • Improvements in the visualization of some graphs of the Dashboards that previously left leveled out.

whats new 705

  • Improved Events filters: as well as including small improvements in predefined searches, it also allows custom event fields to be searched.

whats new 705



  • Creating Modules in Policies sometimes gave problems: debugged.
  • Issues with User paging debugged.
  • Issues with Networkmap auto refresh debugged.
  • Exporting agents via CSV debugged.
  • The Target IP macro gave problems when creating policy modules: debugged.

whats new 705

  • Customizing the login page was problematic: debugged.
  • Agent names on Windows that included spaces gave problems. Use inverted commas to avoid the issue, eg: “agent_name “Windows 2008 Server”.
  • The parameter thread_stack my.cnf (on the Pandora FMS ISO by default) has changed, as it affected MySQL behavior.
  • Content from one agent module can now be used on any alert to provide more information.

How to download Pandora FMS

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