This package of improvements, while not incorporating big functions, includes over 70 small changes and patches. The most relevant ones we’ve listed below.

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Functional improvements

  • Elements from the database history can now be included in reports, extending their functions and the capacity of any report element (in previous versions, they were limited to graphics).
  • CSV file fields are now customizable. Go to general setup to select this option.
  • New dashboard widget displays UX monitoring:

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  • “Module templates” with blank spaces can no longer be created. This improves editing and facilitates policy maintenance.
  • New macro: _alert_unknown_instructions_ displays instructions for alerts triggered by unknown status, joining those triggered by critical and warning status.
  • The metaconsole sync button now forces license changes to the node.
  • MapQuest maps (Open alternative to GoogleMaps) has been updated.
  • ACL predefined profiles (Standard user and Pandora Administrator) were unable to modify policy thresholds. This is now fixed.
  • You can reset forgotten passwords from the console. The system will send a link to the user to change their password. The console now has a specific configuration to manage mails sent from the console, which affects both planned PDF reports and the new password recovery system:

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  • Administrators can now modify the default login page for all users.
  • A new config token has been implemented on agents that enables them to get an alias by the system command: agent_alias_cmd
  • The Export Server now returns all module configuration parameters including thresholds, units, tags, etc..
  • Decimal places on module thresholds graphs can now be shown, if there are any.
  • When launching a Dashboard slideshow a paging list appears to simplify Dashboard selection.

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  • Graphics containers: “Containers” can now be defined that allow combined or module graphics to be ordered and prioritized, adding optional dynamic rules that allow certain graphics to be incorporated automatically:
  • New macros included to allow use of additional agent IPs. 1) _all_address_ that displays all the agent’s IPs, and 2) _address_n_ where n represents the IP position you want to show.
  • It’s now possible to incorporate a predetermined filter in events view. Users can define the filter at the user detail editor page:

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Visual improvements

  • Error popups during installation fixed:

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  • Dashboard general view now includes paging.
  • Better menu display with strict ACL mode active.
  • The yellow traps console icon was invisible, so we changed the color.
  • Pandora FMS mobile login issue (special characters) fixed. Reported via GitHub.
  • Service Maps view on Dashboard now fits to screen.
  • Graph legends now take up less space, and display the information more compactly.

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  • ”Parent elements” on visual consoles had an issue with some map elements and text labels. This is now fixed.
  • Dashboards and visual consoles adjust better to fullscreen mode, avoiding showing scroll bars.

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Bugs fixed

  • Agent/alias labeling confusion in duplicate agent configuration section fixed (previously the name of the agent appeared in the alias field).
  • On the SNMP traps console the internal agent name was displayed, instead of its alias.
  • Group dashboard assignation on user start screen fixed.
  • When unlinking from policy-applied modules the internal agent name appeared in the list of unlinked modules in policies. This is now fixed.
  • On the Open version the version being used wasn’t displayed at the foot of the page. Now fixed.
  • Logs viewer was displaying real agent name instead of alias. Fixed.
  • Fields on the export server related to massive operations now fixed.
  • php5 packets for Debian no longer have to be dependent.
  • Small filtering issues with generating dynamic reports from templates now fixed:

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  • AIX agent startup fixed.
  • Problems with agent broker mode containing asynchronous modules on a Windows agent.

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