In Pandora FMS release 736 we have been working on visual improvements of the interface, optimizing the view of events and services.


AWS multitenant monitoring

In the last releases, Discovery has acquired a great importance within the new Pandora FMS features. Thus, AWS monitoring has been modified to meet the needs of our customers.

Previously, you could not monitor one AWS instance per node, nor could you monitor multiple environments in parallel on the same account. With this update, it will be possible to carry out multiple AWS monitoring simultaneously in the same Pandora FMS node.

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Hadoop finally joins Pandora FMS plugin library

Hadoop is an Open Source system used to store, process and analyze large volumes of data. It also stores the data in such a way that an HDFS (Hadoop Distributed Filesystem) is created, that is to say a storage space formed by the hard disks of all the nodes of the cluster.

The HDFS is managed through a dedicated namenode server to host the file system index and a secondary Namenode to generate snapshots of the main Namenode memory structures. This prevents file system corruption and reduces data loss.

The plugin created by Pandora FMS developers will allow to monitor the cluster master nodes (Namenode), besides being able to consult those secondary nodes (Datanodes) obtaining the information of disk space, performance, memory, heartbeats, among others.

Download the plugin and all the documentation in Pandora FMS library.

New CSV export capability in Custom Field view

Within Pandora FMS Metaconsole there is the possibility to export to CSV a great amount of information from events to reports. In this update this list has been increased, being able now to export also the custom fields view.

release 736 pandora fms 4

Now it will be possible to export to CSV the filter applied in the custom view, accessible through the filters (a new column “Agent_status” has been added) and the pagination (it will show the page in which you are at that moment).

New redirection of grep_log plugin for Windows

Although this plugin for Windows existed before, at the time of executing it, it created all the necessary information inside the folder that contained the plugin.

With this update, it will be possible to create a temporary folder by means of environment variables, being able to modify these to the chosen path of the plugin. Previously, all the environment variables generated by the plugin were saved directly in the folder containing that extension, which generated space problems.

Improvements in the visualization of events

In the past months we have been working hard on Pandora FMS interface with the aim of making it easier to use and to make it much more comfortable and simple for users.

Among other things, in this 736 release, we have improved the view of events, changing the default filter of these. We can find another visual change in the services view in the table view. Small visual bugs in the previously changed views have also been fixed, in addition to adding a button to export the table into CSV files.

release 736 pandora fms 5


The massive operations problem was solved, in which if operations were deleted or policy alerts were added, the tasks were performed directly on the agents, without going through the policies.

An ACL problem where certain users could not view visual consoles despite having the necessary permissions has been fixed.

A problem creating new GIS map connections has been fixed.

The problem of policy replication which consisted in that if your application ended, it was automatically re-applied has been solved

The error when updating a user in the Metaconsole, did not appear in the selected page has been fixed.

A bug in the creation of users using the LDAP authentication method has been fixed. When you wanted to assign more than one profile to one, you only assigned the first one you created.

The problem where there was the possibility of creating a report of General type to which it was not necessary to enter the name of the report has been solved.

A module visualization problem when having selected a plugin and an agent within the view of massive operations on plugins has been solved.

The problem of visualization of elements inside a dashboard related to the assignment of permissions on tag has been fixed.

An authentication error by LDAP by which if the host DNS came with the word “ldap” included always gave connection error has been fixed.

A bug that consisted in having two plugins registered with different parameters, if one was updated, the other was deleted, has been fixed.

The feature of DB Schema Check in which there was a bug that prevented all tables in the current installation has been fixed.

The data display error when performing a SNMPWalk or SNMP Browser type v3, which shows all the elements found, but not the data for each of them has been fixed.

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