In this new Pandora FMS update, improvements have been made in the visual consoles, SLA reports, WUX and the monthly cron jobs, among others. Pandora FMS improves every day to make the user console much more simple and user-friendly


Visual console enhancements: cache system

The update of the elements of the visual console has been improved, incorporating a new cache to load the heaviest data, this will mean that when an element is refreshed it will not be necessary to request data from the server database again. The process has been greatly improved in terms of drawing consoles, especially in multi-user environments with very heavy consoles.

New condition in alert templates: Not Normal

A new template has been added to alerts with which you can put an activation option in the event of ” unusual ” data. This will imply that when a module reports any data other than OK (critical, warning or unknown), the alert will be triggered.

WUX (Web User Experience): FF Interval

As in web checks, this release has implemented the possibility of configuring a number of retries to perform the WUX check, in case the transaction fails. This improves the detection of false positives.

Within the different types of modules, there was the possibility of applying the FF Interval parameter to ensure the incorrect checking of a website in a smaller interval. With this update, this option has also been added to the types of web analytics modules.

Improved SLA reporting: start and end date

Within the date selection for SLA elements, a selector has been introduced to be able to set the start and end dates in order, for example, to be able to set a monthly SLA report from the 15th of a month to the 15th of the following month.

Other improvements

New help system

The Pandora FMS console help system has been improved with much more updated and complete information, replacing the static contents with the official on line documentation of the Pandora FMS Wiki.

Improved monthly cron jobs

In this update, the system of monthly cron jobs has been improved. From this improvement the tool will take into account the number of days of each month so that, if a month has more or fewer days, the execution is stopped when needed. For example, if a month used to have 31 days, the run would start on the last day instead of starting on the 1st of the following month.

Console interface enhancements (phase 3)

We continue with the visual improvement work in Pandora FMS interface. In this phase changes have been incorporated in the visualizations of the detail of an event, the update manager and module graphics visualization window. We have also made an important change in the agent view and the management view, although they will undergo more improvements in the following updates.

Agent view

Agent edition

Update manager

Events detail

New pop up menu


The auto-refresh views option configuration problem was fixed, in which if a user configured this option in some view, the auto-refresh was only performed the first time.

We have fixed the problem that made it impossible to select a module when adding a custom graphic in a visual console.

We have fixed the visual imbalance when generating SLA type PDF reports. In addition, the weekly SLA calculation for “Keep Alive” elements has been fixed.

We have repaired the upload and creation of files and elements within an existing collection.

We have solved the problem that prevented agents from being removed from a policy if they didn’t have a remote configuration.

We have fixed the error in which when selecting version 3 of SNMP in the IPAM feature, we could not select the required parameters to perform such checks on the network.

We have fixed the network assignment error within a super network in the IPAM feature where the octets matched but not the netmask.

We have solved the update error in LDAP by which the selection of the token “Advanced Configuration LDAP” disappeared when updating the data.

We have fixed the bug of searching for agents by secondary groups, which appeared in the view but not in the search as such.

The problem of copying modules from agents to policies has been fixed, where if a path had to be established with the “\” element, this element was eliminated in the copy made, thus giving errors in the execution of the module generated.

The problem of duplicity of modules has been solved when modifying them outside the policies, creating a new one instead of changing the existing one.

We have fixed the error of visualization of the state of a module, where the status square remained green despite being unknown.

We have corrected the error of creation of reports in Meta Console by which it was not possible to select a node of departure for the creation of reports of events, as well as of the selection of a group that was not “all”.

We have solved the error of the network maps in which the public links inside a Dashboard could not be visualized.

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