New package to update release Pandora FMS 734

The main new feature of this new 734 update package is the beginning of the restructuring of Pandora FMS visual consoles, making them more usable and quicker for the user; in addition, the work of improving the Discovery functionality continues adding Amazon RDS, as well as visual improvements in the user interface.

New features and improvements

Simplifying monitoring: Pandora FMS Discovery 3rd part

In previous releases 732 and 733, the Discovery feature has made monitoring much easier; this update follows the same path of improving and increasing the functions of this recent section.

  • Discovery Application: is the central of assistants for the configuration of monitoring plugins through Discovery. The following changes have been introduced in this release:
    • Oracle: by configuring this plugin you can easily monitor an Oracle database.
    • Mysql: as in the previous case with this plugin you can easily monitor a MySQL database.
  • Discovery Cloud AWS: within the Amazon AWS EC2 monitoring system, the possibility of monitoring an RDS infrastructure has been introduced.
whats new pandora fms 734 - Discovery Cloud AWS
whats new pandora fms 734 - Discovery Cloud AWS 2

Report by email

Until now, if you wanted to send a report by email, it necessarily had to be in PDF. With this release, you can choose the format of the file to send: PDF, CSV, JSON, XML.

Reestructuración de las consolas visuales (Fase 1)

Work begins on improving the visual consoles to increase their functions and make them much more usable. In this first phase, visual changes have been introduced in the clocks and in the lines, modifications in the technological base to be able to continue introducing improvements, in addition to a new feature that allows seeing in real time the items introduced in the console, without the need to reload the page.

Keep counters

This new functionality is an additional state counter to the one that already existed and that improves the change of received status of the modules, in case of fluctuations. As the case of Pandora FMS flip flop, the keep counter is customizable with which you can choose the number of statuses you need for each one.

You can check Pandora FMS documentation for more info.

Other improvements

Improvements in the console’s interface in Pandora FMS: In this update Pandora FMS interface improvement tasks continue making it much more usable, easy and homogeneous with the rest of the software communications. The great change of this release is the improved visualization of the data tables.

whats new pandora fms 734 - improved graphics
whats new pandora fms 734 - new update profile view

LDAP: When a user was identified using LDAP in Pandora FMS console, he was assigned a profile automatically and if later it was changed manually, it didn’t keep the status of the edited profiles and modifications made in the user configuration. From release 734, the improvement that supposes maintaining these changes for future authentications has been introduced.

Checkbox: When creating “Availability” type reports, certain information was displayed by default even though it was meaningless for certain modules. From this update, you will be able to choose the information to visualize within these elements.


  • Fixed the problem of not saving the changes made on certain tokens within the setup of the Metaconsole.
  • Corrected the error of user creation through the LDAP option with the user auto-creation parameter activated.
  • Fixed an error in the visual representation libraries layer that caused failures in the visualization of GIS maps.
  • Fixed the error of execution of modules with the Cron function activated: Cron from -> Cron to, where once the module started to run, did not stop running despite the parameter “Cron to” active.
  • Fixed the operation of the token “Event storm protection” by which, once active in console, the alerts and state changes should not launch events to Pandora FMS.
  • Fixed some visual bugs of the IPAM maps of the new Discovery Pandora FMS functionality.
  • Solved the error of creation of actions of alert by means of API, by which if values were not introduced for the parameters min_alerts and max_alerts they were saved as nulls, activating the action by default although it should not do it.
  • Corrected the visual representation of SLA reports compliance by which if it was not 100% complete and despite meeting the established limit, appeared as a failure.
  • Solved the duplicity in the creation of modules by creating a policy in the application of these in large environments.
  • Fixed the error of creating CSV reports in Metaconsole, where when generating a report, the name changed and occasionally its elements disappeared.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to an item created through Recon View, leaving the screen blank.

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