These release notes describe new features, improvements and bug fixes in Pandora FMS NG 751. They also provide information about upgrades and describe some workarounds for known issues.


Inventory alerts

This new feature allows you to create specific alerts for when an inventory module comes with a certain value or to generate inclusion or exclusion lists. Perfect, for example, for detecting vulnerable device versions, unauthorized users on machines or unauthorized software usage on computers.

New user permission item in reports

A new type of report has been created where you may get a list of users with their respective permissions created in Pandora FMS.

Forced double authentication

Although double authentication already existed in Pandora FMS, the option of forcing it has now been added for all users from console management and for them to not be able to modify its use.

Added “select all” option in massive operations

A checkbox has been added to be able to select all the elements in a massive operation research.

Real-time graphs for SNMP v3

Although it already existed for the rest of the SNMP versions, now you may see the graphs in real time for SNMP checks with v3.

Improved integration with external ITSM and CMDB processes

The existing feature of assigning an external ID to each Pandora FMS module has been improved. That way, integrations with CDMDB and ITSM processes (ticketing) with third-party tools are easier. New API and CLI calls have been created, as well as alert macros and fields in events to make this feature complete.

Google Cloud monitoring

A new feature has been added within Discovery to be able to monitor Google Cloud. Among these metrics, you may find, among others, the states of the instances, their associated disks and even an instance tree per Zone.

Debug mode in web modules

The possibility of setting a web module in debug mode straight from its configuration has been added in order to check that the desired information is being received in the check, as well as being able to add additional checks when seeing the information received.

Trap protection interval

The possibility of adding a protection interval against SNMP traps has been added within server settings, where trap protection muting will be disabled after the stipulated interval.

Inventory Alerts

Inventory alerts have been added to be able to be notified, as with the module status changes, of the change of status of a piece of inventory monitored through Pandora FMS.


Credential store

The location of the credential store has been changed to Pandora FMS console settings. It is currently located in “Configuration -> Credential Store”.

HA environment DB Blocking

A specific database blocking problem has been identified in HA environments when the database maintenance script was launched from two nodes simultaneously. Detection of the main node (Master) has been added so that non-masters do not perform the tasks that cause blocking and a parameter (-f) has been added to force execution and bypass protection if necessary.

Log export to CSV

A new token has been added in the setup to limit the maximum size of lines that can be exported to a CSV in the log view, in order to avoid waiting times there. Instead, if the log to be exported exceeds the configured token, an email will be requested to send said CSV and thus be able to continue browsing the console as usual.

Other improvements

The ones you have read are just some of the news that Pandora FMS release 751 brings. You can read the full content of this release here.

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