These release notes describe new features, improvements and fixed issues in Pandora FMS NG 750. They also provide information about upgrades and describe some workarounds for known issues.

This is an LTS (Long Term Support) version, a version with maximum stability that incorporates lots of bug fixes. These LTS are only released twice a year.


New group selector

We replaced the classic group selector by a full AJAX one that allows searching and speeds up its use in environments with many groups.


New plugins

We have a new plugin to monitor Office 365 and Cloud Foundry.

Profile display enhancements

User management display has been modified. When a user had different profiles in different groups, the information was confusing.

Support for RHEL/CentOS8

Pandora FMS is constantly evolving and we could absolutely not fall behind. In this version, packages for the official Pandora FMS update in CentOS 8 are supplied for the first time.

Improved integration with external ITSM and CMDB processes

The existing feature of assigning an external ID to each Pandora FMS module has been improved. That way, integrations with CDMDB and ITSM processes (ticketing) with third-party tools are easier. New API and CLI calls have been created, as well as alert macros and fields in events to make this feature complete.


Log modules

When creating a log type module in both agents and policies, having ElasticSearch enabled in Pandora FMS console, it stayed as “uninitialized” forever as it did not save the information in the database. The creation where these “modules” should be created as agent plugins has been modified, adding the module’s configuration instead of the agent plugin line.

Additionally, additional configuration such as timeouts or crontabs can be added to the agent plugin.

Blocking in DB in HA environment

A specific database blocking problem has been identified in HA environments when the database maintenance script was launched from two nodes simultaneously. Detection of the main node (Master) has been added so that non-masters do not perform the operations that cause locks and a parameter (-f) has been added to force execution and bypass protection if necessary.

Other improvements

Would you like to find out more updates? These are just some of the changes this release brings. If you want you can see the complete content in this link.

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