These release notes describe new features, improvements and fixed issues in Pandora FMS NG 748. They also provide information about upgrades and describe some workarounds for known issues.

New features and improvements

Smart Services

Pandora FMS service creation has been improved and modified. However there is still manual service creation, where “simple” and “automatic” services will disappear, migrating directly to
manual services.

The “smart” service feature has been included. These services, unlike the previous ones, will calculate thresholds automatically by means of studying the elements the service contains.

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Metanconsole collection browser

Due to the increase of systems to be monitored, the need arises to include new features to improve and simplify their use. This version includes the possibility of searching throughout collections by name.

Visual consoles improved

There is now the possibility to prevent refresh settings from being displayed, as well as the name of the visual console itself, when you want to see a visual console in both Metaconsole and Node, which allows its correct full display.

General overall report feature

With this new version, you have the possibility of obtaining all data from a selected module using the rate option of the “General” report type.

New API/CLI calls

The number of calls to the API/CLI has increased. There is a new option to set an event in “in progress” status, as well as being able to obtain the status of an agent by both agent name and alias.

Change in profile permission system

The UM permission within Pandora FMS has been modified, so that said profile has the necessary permissions to be able to perform actions on those profiles that also have said permissions.

New packages for CentOS 8

Pandora FMS evolves as OS do. That is why this new version includes RPM packages to be able to smoothly install them in CentOS 8.

Known changes and limitations

Smart Services

Service display and creation have been modified and old services have been migrated to the “manual” type (see above, in new features).

UM Permission

This permission has been modified, restricting a little more the actions that a user can carry out with said permission on other users.

Fixed vulnerabilities and other improvements

Thanks to the information collected, we have been able to correct and fix the following vulnerabilities that affected Pandora FMS.

In addition, we have kept introducing changes and developments to improve your favorite monitoring software.

Would you like to find out more updates? These are just some of the changes this release brings. If you want you can see the complete content in this link.