These release notes describe new features, improvements and fixed issues in Pandora FMS NG 747. They also provide information about upgrades and describe some workarounds for known issues.


Improved SNMP and WMI remote scan wizards

SNMP and WMI monitoring allows quick and custom remote monitoring deployment with just a few clicks. We have improved the existing wizards and added a system of profiles and modifiable templates for maximum automation. It will be possible to define what type of remote modules you want to add to a new device. You may also apply certain modules automatically if it is a Cisco router or a Sonicwall firewall and likewise for a Windows or a Linux server. We have many default modules and we have added a logic that allows to automate and extend it.

Pandora FMS contains many modules by default, but the administrator can define his own conditional templates and even apply the wizard to the policies, allowing totally customized massive deployments with ease.

release 747

DB2 Monitoring in Discovery

In this update 747, a new monitoring has been added to Discovery: DB2.

DB2 configuration and monitoring is similar to that of Oracle, it will also have default modules, in addition to the possibility of entering custom queries.

release 747 2

New log viewer system in Metaconsole

In previous releases, several changes have been made to log collection and display. This release, it is the turn of Pandora FMS Metaconsole. As in nodes, the log display view has been included within the Metaconsole, with an additional feature to filter logs by node, agent, source, date, etc.

release 747 3
New last value report

A new type of report has been included by which the last value of a module common to a number of agents will be obtained. From this update onwards, it will be necessary to create just one item for all the same modules in the report.

release 747 4

Importing groups in the Metaconsole

This release includes mass group creation in the Metaconsole by importing through CSV files, a feature that was already available in nodes.

VMware monitoring improvement

VMware system monitoring has been optimized with a large number of virtual network entities. Now, this task can be done faster thanks to network discovery through a multithreading process.


SNMP Interfaces, SNMP and WMI wizards

Module creation and display using SNMP interfaces, SNMP and WMI wizards have been modified and the wizard works differently (see above, in new features).

Log refactoring

Default console and audit log generation paths have been modified to: /var/www/pandora_console/logs. In new clients, both logs will be disabled by default and must be enabled in the console configuration. In existing installations, the path changes to the new path.

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