WHAT’S NEW Pandora FMS 746

This release 746 includes a new graphical interface in the Enterprise Log Collection feature. We have also optimized the ISO and created a new plugin that supports Selenium 3. Remember to keep your Pandora FMS updated to avoid bugs and have the latest news of each version ;)


New graphical interface in log collection

This update presents a new graphical interface within log collection, so that custom requests can be made to the ElasticSearch API directly from the Pandora FMS console.

pandora fms release 746 1

Improved Cluster Monitoring

In this 746 update, cluster view has been enhanced, making management much easier and more visual.

pandora fms release 746 2

pandora fms release 746 3

ISO Optimization

In order to improve Pandora FMS server performance, its ISO has been modified, speeding up the configuration process in high availability (HA) environments. From version 746, the system will start the pandora_ha service directly and will activate security directives by default using the .htaccess files for the Apache web server.

Transactional monitoring with agents (UX)

With the arrival of Selenium 3 to Pandora FMS WUX environment, a plugin compatible with this version has been created to be able to launch web transactions separate from agents.

API extension

Pandora FMS keeps on growing and therefore the need to create new API calls too. From this version on, you will be able to obtain a list of agent IDs searched by their alias. In addition, a Metaconsole event ID can be obtained, indicating the node IDs and the event of the node, accordingly.

Metaconsole improvements

The possibility of choosing the data separator for CSV reports within the Visual styles view of Pandora FMS Metaconsole has been added.


  • Fixed a bug in displaying the results of a Discovery recognition task in Google Chrome browser.
  • Fixed an item counting error in simple service creation.
  • Fixed an error in the node’s console log that appeared in those clients that did not have Metaconsole.
  • Fixed a display error in High Availability Management (HA) view.
  • Fixed a bug in matching logs and correlation alerts.
  • Fixed a data conversion issue in collections when editing a script.
  • Fixed a display error of Gauge graphs and vertical bars in reports.
  • Fixed an issue where dashboards had to be refreshed if you wanted to delete a widget.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating new users in the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed a bug that affected performance in the application of policies from the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed an issue in running WMI queries.
  • Fixed an error in Metaconsole service management and configuration.
  • Fixed a bug in mass policy operations whereby custom_string_2 was automatically changed causing a critical error for SNMP modules.
  • Fixed an error that deleted a plugin created in the agent when adding a policy with the same defined plugin and different parameters.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding new permissions in the Active Directory section when enabling the advanced permissions option.
  • Fixed a bug in downloading files from collection management.
  • Fixed data management bugs in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 agents that did not properly save the timestamp.
  • Fixed an issue in creating backups from the Web console with the distributed system and without the MySQLdump package installed.
  • Fixed a bug in correlation alert field configuration.

We thank Dennis Brinkrolf who reported a vulnerability in Pandora FMS fixed in this update.

Likewise, we thank Fernando Catoira and Julio Sánchez from Core Security Consulting Services who have reported a vulnerability fixed in this update. All the process has been coordinated together with Pablo Zurro from Core Advisories Team.

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