In this update 744, we have added the module library to the console interface. We have also kept improving visual consoles, incorporating a new template with countries, as well as extending the alert correlation editor. Furthermore, our troubleshooting covers more than eighty issues, following our zero bugs 2020 policy.


Integrated plugin library

The module and plugin library has been added to Pandora FMS console interface, integrating it as a new menu section. From this new access, it will be possible to navigate through the different categories and even perform searches and download plugins directly. Explore all of our integrations easily and quickly.

whats new pandora fms 744 1

whats new pandora fms 744 2

Visual consoles: stage II

In the previous release, several changes were made to visual consoles to make their editing much more user-friendly. This update follows that working line to improve user experience and make this feature even more intuitive.

whats new pandora fms 744 3

Screenshot of the updated template of visual consoles with new maps available

Alert correlation: stage II

As in the case of visual consoles, in this release 744, improvements in alert correlation keep on including measures to make its configuration more usable.

Among other modifications, the possibility of making position changes in the defined rules has been added, besides the possibility of deleting the last added element instead of deleting everything created.

SNMP Browser improved

Within remote monitoring, the complexity and importance of SNMP stands out the most. That is why, in this update, the SNMP browser tool has been improved so that the modules obtained – directly within a specific policy or agent – can be entered from the search performed.

Default policies

The content of the existing policies that appear along with the installation has been updated, taking into account possible new, more up-to-date monitoring needs.


  • Fixed a bug in Satellite Server plugin configuration that caused an error in the execution of other modules.
  • Fixed an error in Manage Database HA view with which a false critic was generated in SSH key path verification.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the agent module crontab, where the interval of said module was randomly modified.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of WMI modules using the Wizard.
  • Fixed a bug that affected IPAM tasks through the Discovery Server.
  • Fixed a visual error in PDF reports that contained an availability graph.
  • Fixed a visual bug in generic_string modules that contained the character “>“.
  • Fixed an error in software and Satellite Server agent performance with secondary_mode and xml_buffer.
  • Fixed several report generation failures.
  • Fixed a bug in “ISO-8859-15” encoding that generated BADXML affecting software agent monitoring.
  • Fixed a display issue of the report triggered alert item.
  • Fixed a bug in agent deployment where Linux packages were not correctly sent.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a user with a password policy enabled.
  • Fixed an application failure in Metaconsole policy agents.
  • Fixed a bug when creating reports with SQL charts using templates.
  • Fixed a bug in the use of the _agent_address_ macro within event responses.
  • Fixed visual and redirecting bugs within report creation, configuration and export.
  • Fixed an issue where logrotate.d did not work properly for pandora_console.log file.
  • Fixed an error in configuration and execution when purging the history database.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from displaying elements correctly by having any profile with tags.
  • Fixed a visual name error in node and Metaconsole report export.
  • Fixed an issue where visual consoles could not be displayed in full screen in the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in 1, 2 and 3 year time conversions in different Pandora FMS configurations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented more complex monitoring within the Azure environment when creating the task from scratch.

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