In this 740 release, the top priority has been solving certain software failures. From now on, even releases are intended to solve bugs and improve the existing features, whereas odd ones focus on extending the feature range, with the purpose of increasingly refining Pandora FMS.


Report template time selector

Report template time selector has also been improved along with the templates. Time lapse can be selected for different reports either manually or through a combo (1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day…).

Metaconsole new extension uploading

With this 740 release, custom extensions can be uploaded to Pandora FMS Metaconsole.


  • Fixed module graphic map key failure when in “Classic” mode with “Show only average” option enabled.
  • Fixed failure that made SNMP trap view generated filters to disappear when any sort of action was performed on them.
  • Fixed error by which dashboard-generated public links containing any graphs had them cut out at the bottom.
  • Fixed module duplicity in tree view > module groups when a module had a critical alert and a warning one.
  • Fixed failure by which, if a module was remotely created by mistake on a software agent with the same name as an existing module, the second one was created on the agent’s configuration.
  • “moduledata _< modulename>” macro performance fixed when belonging to the string type.
  • “use_xml_timestamp” server token performance fixed when needing for software agent data processing to have as date that of the agent instead of that of the server.
  • Fixed software agent massive operation failure, by which when modifying something, the agent interval got deleted.
  • Fixed module post-processing issue, which was not correctly performed when increasing the value by one thousand or decreasing it by hundreds of millions.
  • Policy search by name in Pandora FMS console fixed.
  • Agent Metaconsole-node redirecting fixed when clicking on one of them in event view.
  • Event comments fixed. When generating a comment in the event view, it did not appear in the comment view nor was is correctly displayed in event custom fields.
  • Top N widget adding to dashboards fixed, by which the automatic map key that appeared when it was generated was cut out.
  • User edition permissions issue fixed, by which the user could create but not edit.
  • Agent duplicity within Discovery Server recon tasks fixed when “resolve_names” token is enabled.
  • Report menu duplicity when editing Metaconsole report elements fixed.
  • Fixed certain API calls, such as get_events.
  • Fixed report failure, where Pandora FMS downloaded some elements in HTML when downloading them in CSV.
  • Fixed visual error within paginated elements, which showed non-existing pages.
  • Fixed SMPP plugin that failed when entering several target phone numbers.
  • Fixed visual failures within Pandora FMS console, where certain elements were depicted outside of their corresponding tables.
  • Fixed graphic sending by email since they were not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed event truncation that prevented from correctly seeing long texts in the console.
  • Fixed directory check in collections, where it was not checked whether the directory already existed, causing an error.
  • Fixed event instruction display issue.
  • Fixed error by which reports were not correctly displayed when text fonts “unicode.ttf” or “smallfont.ttf” were used.
  • Area instance list display fixed within AWS section in Pandora FMS Discovery.
  • Fixed agent creation through CLI tool, by which when creating it in a node, it was not displayed in the Metaconsole afterwards.
  • Fixed Agent/Modules item creation in reports through report templates.
  • Fixed Active Directory authentication method bug in the Metaconsole that made it not work properly when enabling the “Auto enable node access” token again.
  • Fixed plugin duplicity in software agents, by which if a plugin was manually applied and the same plugin was applied through policies, both were applied.
  • Fixed failure when deploying a plugin from the Metaconsole to the Node, by which when using the “|” character, everything written afterwards was not applied on the Node.
  • Fixed trap massive deleting missing for non-administrator users.
  • Fixed period depicting in unknown status in TIP graphs.

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