In this release 739 several integrations have been carried out, ranging from RedisDB monitoring, integration with OTRS or interconnectivity between Pandora FMS and Integria IMS, one of the products of Pandora FMS suite. In addition, the HA environment has been improved with new features.


New integration with OTRS

This new update incorporates the OTRS ticketing tool to the Pandora FMS integrations catalogue. This plugin will automatically create and update tickets in this software from the Pandora FMS server and console through the OTRS “GenericTicketConnector” web service.

The integration will be carried out through an alert to create the corresponding ticket, or from a response of events following the same process.

More information about the plugin in Pandora FMS library.

RedisDB Monitoring

A new plugin has been added for Enterprise clients in order to monitor the RedisDB database. With this new feature, performance metrics, customer information, memory and statistics can be obtained in a simple and fast way.

More information about the plugin in Pandora FMS library.

Complete integration with Integria IMS

With this new update we have integrated Pandora FMS with the Integria IMS ticketing tool which belongs to the same suite. From now on, the users who have this software will have access to a screen in the console where they can activate Integria IMS, in a similar way to the eHorus section that was already available.

Thanks to this new feature it will be possible to open, manage, comment and close tickets manually from Pandora FMS console, besides being able to create them automatically with alerts and events and also as a manual response of events.

This way, we hope to continue working towards the total integration of all Pandora FMS suite programs: remote control, helpdesk and monitoring combined in a single centralized location.

release 739 1

release 739 2

Other improvements

Improved agent deployment

In previous releases the automatic deployment of agents inside Pandora FMS was added. In this update small improvements have been created, such as the automatic activation of the remote configuration of these installed agents to be able to manage them directly from the console, along with some small usability improvements.

New options for High Availability (HA)

In order to improve HA environments, the following options have been incorporated: deleting nodes registered in Pandora FMS console, editing a replication user and password, indicating a hostname to check the synchronization, resynchronizing the replication from a button in the master and better managing the pandora HA zombie mode.

release 739 3

Macros in Satellite Server

From this update, the _agentname_ and _agentalias_ macros can be used in the configuration of the modules within the Satellite Server.


  • Fixed several bugs for public visual consoles, including refreshing them.
  • Fixed a problem where the secondary server mode of Pandora FMS satellite servers didn’t send data to the configured secondary server, but instead made several attempts to the first one before doing it.
  • Fixed the failure to generate dynamic reports when selecting past dates.
  • Fixed the problem in which the elements of the list of collections within the Metaconsole could not be organized.
  • Fixed certain bugs in the export of reports to CSV, including the type of agent configuration report, where it was shown previously empty.
  • Fixed visual errors related to the introduction of Pandora FMS black theme.
  • Fixed the policy creation failure in the Metaconsole, where those policies were not synchronized with the node until they were applied to some agent.
  • Fixed the error in the creation of SNMP trap filters where you could delete all filters, without being able to create any new filters later.
  • Fixed the problem of creating empty fields in database of web modules referring to http_auth_user and http_auth_pass lines.
  • Fixed the auto-refresh failure in the events view where it was automatically disabled with the full screen.

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