WHAT’S NEW in Pandora FMS 7.0 NG 726

New package to update release Pandora FMS 726

Among the new features of the new Pandora FMS 726 update package, you will find new templates to create visual consoles, improvements and views. A list of the most important changes is shown below.

New features and improvements

New templates to create visual consoles

From version 726 onwards, a new functionality is implemented that allows the creation of visual consoles in a fast and massive way (several at a time), using a template that allows the use of macros to associate elements of the console such as graphics, icons and other elements to agents and/or modules from a list.

New templates to create visual consoles

Event view sortable by columns

The event view now allows the information in any column to be sorted. In the last update the possibility of adding several new columns was added, making the current dataset much more complete and flexible.

Event view sortable by columns

Improvements in the “Self-assesment” extension

The new self-assessment tool shows more metrics, including the level of fragmentation and the use of the database. It also offers specific proposals for improvement on its optimization.

Improvements in the Self-assesment extension

New GIS layers

In GIS maps, it is now possible to create a new layer of icons representing only one group, obtaining the GPS data of an agent selected by the administrator.

New GIS layers

Other features

  • With the 726 update, the visual console is now able to support bullet type graphics and vertical/horizontal bars.
  • The event alarm filter now works with the agent alias, not the internal name.
  • It is now possible to use mass operations with SNMP v3 modules.
  • The threshold view for the combined interface graphs has been implemented.
  • From this update onwards, incremental data can be used in the SNMP real-time graphs.
  • Formatting of data displayed in Command Snapshot View.


  • Fixed bugs with the secondary groups, so they already behave according to the documentation.
  • Fixed a major issue that prevented users from auto-creating in advanced LDAP mode.
  • Fixed a permissions error in alert actions.
  • Modified the management of signals between Pandora FMS server threads, so it is intended to solve the failure that made the server threads remain in inconsistent state, blocking the execution of some remote monitoring process.
  • Fixed a problem with secondary groups that prevented some agents from viewing module graphics, depending on the combination of groups and permissions.
  • Fixed the bug with the event report in the Meta Console, which did not show the correct events.
  • Fixed the error in the IOS application of the Pandora FMS console.
  • Fixed a problem with the log parsing plugin (grep_log) that sometimes generated BADXML when the log itself contained XML.
  • Repaired the “Snapshot” data view for string data, which left without carriage returns.
  • Fixed a problem with secondary group event filtering in the Meta Console.
  • Fixed problems for installations using Elastic v6.3.1.