Changes and updates in Pandora FMS 6.0 SP5

Barely two months after launching the latest version of Pandora FMS we proudly present Service Pack 5, replete with new functions and minor debugging in NetFlow reports and Update Manager. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

1. New SLA reports
SLA reports are now much more visually oriented, and now include weekly and hourly SLA reports, as well as the general and monthly reports. We’ve also improved service availability reports, including adding a generic availability graph which can be applied to any data source.




2. Shared dashboard

As with visual consoles, you can now generate a URL to permit anyone access to your dashboard in full-screen. It’s ideal for creating control panels and letting users without access to Pandora view them.


3. New dashboard widgets
Include values like SLA compliance percentages, specific KPIs, availability graphs, and agent/module reports with filters, all in your control panel, and giving you all the information you need to see at a glance.


4. Group-level password security implemented
A low-level feature that means data from an agent needs a password to create a group from an XML. It can be optionally set for a group and improves security in multitenant environments.


5. Satellite scan improved performance
Now performed in parallel, allowing the server to boot up more quickly. Especially noticeable in large environments. Now the satellite server starts receiving data as soon as it’s booted up.

6. Improved SLA algorithms
Now accurate to within four decimal points, which is not easy when data doesn’t come in on a fixed schedule. No-one likes a decimal out of place, whether it’s on a balance sheet or a latency report and that’s why we’ve paid special attention to improving the end-quality of the data on all SLA and availability reports.


It affects to all SLA and availability reports.

Other improvements

-Added option to disable events related to unknown modules.
-Slave servers should not check the policy queue or replicate events.
-Add history search of events in reports, only when history event database is active.
-Tentacle default log changed to avoid generating too much information.
-Some 16bit encoding issues fixed; servers now load external encodings.
-More user-friendly graphs.
-Various small debugs and fixes.

If you want to download the latest version of Pandora FMS, please click here.

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