We’re proud to announce that Pandora FMS has been elected as “Community Choice” Project of the Month for November 2017 on SourceForge!

As we published previously on the blog, Pandora FMS had been nominated for this title, and thanks to the votes of the community, we finally achieved our goal. Pandora FMS had been formerly selected “Staff Pick” Project of the Month in June of 2016 which already gave the opportunity to our team to explain some of the job we develop and where the project was headed to. And now, one more time, we got the chance to be featured on their blog to explain how the project has been doing since then.

Like we said, the advantages of being selected “Community Choice” Project of the Month for November 2017, means being featured on SourceForge homepage for the whole month, giving the project great visibility in such an important community, as well as the chance of an interview for SourceForge’s blog. If you want to read the whole interview* the founder of the project, Sancho Lerena, did for them, just keep on reading!

SourceForge (SF): What significant changes have occurred with your project since you were chosen Project of the Month in June 2016?
Sancho Lerena (SL): Our features have grown enormously and we also attracted more users to our community. Sourceforge project downloads have increased an average of 75% since June 2016, but the growth of our monitoring blog has probably been the greatest improvement, reaching 2K daily visits.

SF: Have any of your project goals changed since then?
SL: Nope. Our approach is still the same: to give the community the most professional (and open!) system and network monitoring software. That hasn’t changed since 2004 😉

SF: What project goals have you achieved so far?
SL: Our goal has always been to grow significantly since 2004, but that depends on being able to meet users’ needs, so in our terms, that implies not only doing the things you’re supposed to do in the best way, but also doing new things as well as adding them to the project, by integrating them into what is already running. That’s why we moved to a new release system at the beginning of 2017, using a rolling release system, which releases updates every 21 days.

During 2017 we have released tons of new features without any major bug or release problem. The ability to quickly release new ideas and fixes is really exciting for us; in the past, releases would take months and were always very stressful (and sometimes buggy!)

SF: What can we look forward to with Pandora FMS?
SL: Plans for Pandora FMS are moving forward to the IoT world; this way we are able to monitor hundreds of thousand of devices. Huge scalability is now our main goal, but our backlog of pending features has now more than 300 tickets, so, we’ll be around for a while 🙂

SF: Is there anything else we should know?
SL: We have been walking together with Sourceforce since 2004, at that time, Pandora FMS was known as “Pandoramon” in Sourceforge, and after walking together for almost 14 years, we have seen lots of projects that have grown and some others that have disappeared, and also new “shining” sites for building communities but, like Sourceforge, we are here to stay and to be a solid part of opensource systems and network administration. The most important aspect of a project is to be backed by a strong team and a diverse community.

*original source of the interview:

We would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to vote for Pandora FMS in this month’s “Community Choice” Project of the Month, if it wasn’t for all the votes we received, we obviously wouldn’t have achieved this very important milestone; and of course, we’d also like to thank SourceForge for this great opportunity to let more people know about the project.

Thanks for your support!