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Using version 4? Pandora FMS 4.1.1 is for you

December 17, 2013

Using version 4? Pandora FMS 4.1.1 is for you

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The most recent version of Pandora FMS is the 5.0SP1, however, an important quote of users still using the previous version: 4.1.

We are gathering a package of improvements and fixes for them in a new minor version: Pandora FMS 4.1.1. As a minor version, it doesn’t involve database changes, and will be possible upgrade your system so simply as using the command rpm -U.

To the Enterprise users will be even easier, because they will have access to the official online OUM patch and upgrade the console.

Change Log:
  • Several fixes on API.
  • Event filter fixed, on nonexistent agent.
  • Fixed SNMP v3 credential importing module from template.
  • Updated some icons and zoom fixes in Google Maps on GIS.
  • Some fixes on network server.
  • Fixed problem in Export Server with spaces and not basic ASCII characters.
  • Fixed some issues with policies and collections.
  • Fixed subgroups issue in ACLs on tree view.
  • Added description field on massive module editions.
  • Update manager fixes.



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