Lord of the Rings: The monitoring society

“You! Stay there!

Where do you intend to go without first knowing the relationship between Lord of the Rings and our beloved monitoring? Do you want to be kicked by my magical rod?

Come on, let’s go! Go to the tavern and meet me there within three moons. Be very careful, stay hidden, stay away from the roads and make no noise while you read. It’s possible the Nazghul might be looking for you…”

Gandalf – Systems Technician (Magician)

If Sauron had had good monitoring software things would have been very different…

Imagine if the Dark Lord had had a good monitoring system. Things would have been very different for the inhabitants of Middle-earth. Of course, they could also have had similar software, which would have balanced the balance…

The monitoring society knows this: the Eye, no matter how big an Eye it is, is not capable of going that far…

Okay, it’s true that Sauron used a certain technology of the time, then called “magic,” but even magic has its limitations.

Because yes, a palantir can be very cool and look great as an ornament on the dining room table, and maybe even be able to detect some hobbit from time to time, but can not even compare with the flexibility offered by Pandora FMS (it’s true, Pandora FMS agents are not able to read your mind, but can be installed almost anywhere).

And it’s also true that the Nazghul impress quite a bit, but what about all the things they need? Do you think it’s cheap to keep men with armour, magic swords, horses and even winged beasts? (We shouldn’t go through their disastrous interventions). Pandora FMS offers better results, and for much less money.

Not to mention the Eye itself. Okay, It will probably go a lot further than anyone’s sight, but it wouldn’t be able to beat Pandora FMS. And it also has to look at some specific place and is easily distracted (just call the Black Door), while Pandora FMS can monitor many different things at the same time.

If Sauron had counted on Pandora FMS… the story would have ended differently. Since, the most basic thing: who can think of leaving such an important object as the single ring loose without at least a basic monitoring?

And what if we talk about the entire infrastructure? Did Saruman control what was cooked in the bowels of his tower? How is it possible that the activity of beings as unreliable as orcs went unmonitored? That’s how things ended the way they ended…

Although we must also recognize that the medium ones got off by the skin of their teeth.

If they had counted on Pandora FMS they would never have entered the mines of Moria. A good monitoring would certainly have warned that the dwarves were no longer the masters of the thing down there. Many hardships would have been avoided!

And what about the Grey Magician and his abuse of alternative means of transport? Good monitoring would have allowed him to suspect that something strange was happening inside Isengard’s walls and he would not have fallen into captivity. Because, remember Gandalf, eagles are not taxis!

And what about communicating the relevant news with bonfires in the mountains? Any major event could have been ruined by a mere storm.

Anyway, one thing is certain, and that is that neither the medium ones nor Sauron had Pandora FMS because, in the Third Age of the Sun of Middle Earth, Pandora FMS did not exist yet. Otherwise, we would surely have had many inhabitants of Middle Earth as regular customers.

However, now that Pandora FMS does exist. What’s your excuse?

Pandora FMS is flexible monitoring software, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.

Pandora FMS has been developed by the great team of Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas, a group of descendants -away- from Aragorn, located next to the place where the white walls of Minas Tirith used to stand: Gran Vía in Madrid (Spain).

The monitoring society has spoken. Pandora FMS can help your kingdom at different levels. Many fiefdoms throughout Middle-earth already have this monitoring software played by the hand of Eru Ilúvatar.

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