The best mouses of 2018: let’s search and offer an opinion

As we have already wisely mentioned a few times before, in this world, for better or for worse, everything is rankable and, of course, susceptible to one of those articles on “The best…”. Today we are going to do one of those. Yes, touchpad is never enough. I’m talking about mouses, those little things that are connected, like a good peripheral, by cable or wirelessly to our computer. For the appreciation we have for them, and for how cute they are, today, we will see the best mouses of 2018.

In fact, it is normal to think about buying one that will finally end our residual wrist pain thanks to its benign and ergonomic shape. Put an end to those muscle pains in your hands, tension in the tendons, insufferable overloading of the wrist.

The best mouses of 2018: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft is always up to date; that’s why its Ergonomic Sculpt mouse is great. You can get it independently or with a keyboard.

This peripheral still belongs to the horizontal type but its particular format provides a quite relaxed position for your wrist, accommodating the pressure.

Your thumb will stick to the backspace button, as well as to another button that will directly lead you to open the Windows functionalities.

Its size makes it easy to transport, its touch is rubber, and so it will be perfectly linked to the palm of your hand.

You’ll only need two AA alkaline batteries to give it the autonomous life it deserves.

The best mouses of 2018: CSL optical mouse A26069

You don’t have to go far; for Amazon this wireless model does it all for 23 euros.

This time the position will be vertical. Like a sword handle, it will maintain the most essential position of your hand.

For that price, the materials will not be perfect, and their weight, well, it does not offer much opposition to the movements. But it’s still worth it, because its functionality adapts to both Windows and Mac, by reprogramming its buttons.

In addition, this mouse, which is very clever, when inactive for a few minutes in order to save energy, turns itself off. All you have to do is click on any of its buttons; six is the number, to reactivate it. You can find it as a wired model or in its wireless version.

The best mouses of 2018: NGS Evo Ergo

Black shining like the shell of the most beautiful beetle, Evo Ergo is similar to Microsoft’s Sculpt, but with more humble finishes and components. In fact, the texture here will no longer be rubber.

However, it has other attributes, such as the availability of a button prepared to change its speed according to its values of 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400.

We also have a nano wireless USB receiver that, with the 2.4 GHz frequency band, will be able to communicate with the mouse.

We can say that it is a perfect mouse for home or office environments, although it does not fully satisfy experienced designers or creative people, who need more than a mouse.

The best mouses of 2018: Logitech MX Vertical

Indeed the MX Vertical is vertical, and not only that, it is also designed to end as much muscle tension in the wrist as possible. It does this by creating a natural position for the hand. Its vertical angle of 57 degrees frees the wrist from forced labour.

On one of its sides, the thumb will settle comfortably and you will be able to immediately access the back button, which we can reprogram to our liking.

Its finish is rubber, so we will have a firm and uncluttered hold.

This mouse is wireless, with a precision sensor of 4000 dpi that reduces considerably the movements that we can execute with the hand. So you don’t need a large manoeuvring area.

It also lets you control cursor speed and control up to three computers simultaneously.

Its 240 mAh battery, absolutely rechargeable, offers great manoeuvrability and independence.

It’s more expensive than a mouse, but it’s also the model that other brands praise and try to imitate.

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