The best keyboards of 2018: Let’s find out which ones are the best

We never get tired of saying it, and it will probably be my tag line, from now on, for any occasion that deserves it: “Everything in this world, everything, is rankifiable! And of course, I take advantage of one of those articles on “The best this…” or “The best that…“. Today it’s the turn of that extension of our fingers, that evolution of the chalk, the pen and the typewriter, that piece of hard plastic full of keys that we put in front of the monitors and that make things so easy for us. I speak, of course, (drum roll), of the keyboards. Although many times they play us with their inaccessible places to hide scab and lint, it is true that without them we would be lost. So here come the best keyboards of 2018.

The best keyboards of 2018: Corsair K63

A compact keyboard, dense, with the best switches, its design, although not extravagant, has style, and thanks to all this and its multimedia keys, we can say that the K63 is one of the best alternatives for your computer.

We need to mention its resistance and good vibes transmitted by its Cherry switches. And if you need it, it’s easy and simple to transport.

You will have the opportunity to configure their buttons thanks to the CUE, red disc lighting included. I don’t know if you’ll miss the USB ports and the Jack 3.5mm on a keyboard, which were left out.

Its finishes are made of matt black ABS plastic, which create a high quality appearance. The space bar has a certain protrusion so that it is not as slippery as usual. If one of your concerns, as a lover of keyboards and devices in general, is that the letters might be erased from their keys, do not worry, they are transparent, which creates a special touch to the product.

The best keyboards of 2018: Krom Kernel

It has the name of a modern Nordic son of God and has come to conquer us. This is possibly the best inexpensive keyboard. It ranges from 50 euros. The design is, to say the least, appealing to the fingers and comfortable to the eye. It has the strength of Thor’s Mjolnir, but there’s no need to try it by opening beers or tearing down office walls. It also has an iridescent RGB lighting, which you don’t often see on 50 euro keyboards.

Their switches are the Outemu, not as popular as the Cherry MX, but they are not left behind at all. It doesn’t have a customization firmware, which would be fine, and from macros you could expect something more. But the quality price is there.

Krom Kernel has a simple style and almost no spikes or edges. It does not have a large amount of plastic left around its periphery like others.

The best keyboards of 2018: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Let’s talk now about what may be the best keyboard on the market with a configuration made in spain. It has taken the place of the former champion, the K95 RGB.

Its virtues lie in its unbeatable construction, totally seductive for the gamer. Each key has its own RGB lighting, a pint and colors in every rule for lovers of these lights tuning on keyboards. It has buttons for macros and multimedia, and even a wrist rest for added comfort.

Its performance is so good, although, it’s expensive. Between 180 and 200 euros.

The best keyboards of 2018: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum

An attractive model for the obsessed and delivered gamer. Specially because it has aspirations for the gaming experience with its Romer G switches, 25% faster in its operations than the most common switches.

Its appearance is designed to ensure the best productivity. We can see it in its finish and in the flash of its customisable RGB lights.

Keyboard performance is superior. You may even feel like your fingers want to take a nap on some of its more comfortable keys.

The rays of light that will pass through the keyboard have 300 profiles, and you can still play at customization.

The software that comes with it can be a bit of a hassle to understand, which is a bit annoying, because you need it to be able to customize its functions.

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