7 +1 technology companies that survive through time against all odds

Some technology companies are tough but flexible, like reeds. Time has changed them, but they continue putting up with everything they throw at them: social and technological transformations, political changes or even wars.

But there is a key point that all of these technological companies we are going to talk about in this article have in common, which is their ability to adapt to new times. Even some of them are engaged in activities that have little or nothing to do with those that they carried out at the very beginning. But it is their dynamism what has allowed them to survive, which is a valuable lesson. The following ones are not all the existing ones, but all of these are part of that category. So, let’s get to know a little better these 7 + 1 technology companies that already are more than 100 years old.

– Schneider

Born at the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution, back in 1836, this is one of the technology companies that originally carried out other activities such as the production of machinery and it took part in most of the technological revolutions that took place in Europe for more than 180 years. Currently, it is a leading software, energy and smart grids company.

– Siemens

Alive for 170 years. Although it might seem simple, not many technology companies can brag about the achievement of keeping their companies alive for so long. It is reserved for just a few.

Siemens was able to build the first telegraph line between the cities of Berlin and Frankfurt back in 1848. This milestone was just the first of an endless number of achievements for one of the most important companies that have ever been created in the field of telecommunications.

Nowadays, Siemens is one of the largest companies on the planet, it hires hundreds of thousands of people around the world and takes part in many more sectors, in addition to the one in which it started off and in which it continues being a key figure.

– Nokia

It is one of the greatest examples of adapting skills and capacity for change. Nokia began as a company devoted to paper production (in 1865), but it ended up becoming a reference for the technology sector, especially regarding cell phones.

Along the way, this Finnish company did not stop evolving. It also manufactured shoes, clothes, carpets, toys and even tires. A great example of flexibility and versatility.

– Ericsson

One of the most emblematic technology companies of the mobile era took its first steps back in 1876, as a manufacturer of mathematical and physical equipment.

It experienced a huge growth with the marketing of the first phone terminals, which had been patented by Mr. Alexander Graham Bell only a couple of years before.

Despite the fact that, unlike what has happened with other companies, Ericsson did not need such a radical change in its activity, more than 140 years mean lots of possibilities. There has been a dramatic transformation in the phone sector and the Swedish company has always been at the forefront. For example, we owe them the Bluetooth standard.

– Toshiba

This was the final result of two companies, founded in 1876 and 1890, which merged in 1939. The Japanese company has been one of the greatest promoters of the technological revolution, coming up with multiple breakthroughs. To their wit we owe the first commercial laptops, the DVD or the flash memory.

– Nintendo

Another Japanese technology company, with a surprising history.

Known nowadays as a standard of technological entertainment, the Super Mario company devoted itself for almost a century to manufacture card decks before becoming one of the technology companies.

It was not until the 70s that Nintendo began to develop its first video games, which turned it into one of the greatest examples of innovation in the electronic entertainment sector.

– Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas

Computing history could hardly be understood without the presence of IBM. This huge American company was founded way back in 1911, when still almost nobody thought of anything resembling a computer.

We owe them the hard drive, the popularization of the PC or the barcode, among many other developments. Currently, it is still at the forefront, offering cloud services and being one of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence.

-Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas.

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