5 traditional profession and their equivalent tech professions

Switching careers is not an easy task. Sometimes people struggle to switch professions mid-career because they don’t have the right support or they just don’t want to start over. Imagine dedicating years to a particular career and then realizing it’s not right for you. It might be very frustrating to know you have to start over.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are equivalent tech professions for your current career; you just have to do some research. Here we show you some equivalent tech professions for career changers.

Finance → Data Analyst

Financial advisors deal with statistical analysis during their daily work routine. It’s their job to forecast financial situations and analyze the economic landscape. Data scientists have a similar role to financial advisors, so it could be an alternative tech profession to take into account. They need to analyze data to come up with meaningful insights so companies can make better business decisions.

If you’d like to start a career in tech and you have a financial education background, you can try leveling up your skills by taking a data science bootcamp.

Journalist → Digital Marketer

Journalists are content creators by nature; they have the creativity and eye for good stories. Therefore, a good equivalent to this career is digital marketing. In the digital marketing industry, they’ll have to optimize content by using SEO techniques. Besides, they’ll need to understand how social media algorithms work. This way digital marketers can create viral content and reach business goals.

The fact that you’ve worked with high-quality content creation with news and press releases gives you an advantage over others. Therefore, this could be a good tech profession if you’re trying to break into tech without having to start over.

Graphic Designer → Web Designer

Graphic designers have special skills for aesthetic design and understand how to use design tech tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. That’s why web design is a good equivalent for graphic designers who want to start a career in tech without having to build a career from scratch.

Web designers work with the visual aspect of websites. This means that they design layouts, scroll bars, icons, and anything that makes the website more visually appealing. If you’re a graphic designer and you’d like to become a web designer, you’ll need to learn how to code with different programming languages.

Sales Manager → Project Manager

Sales managers require management skills, so project management could be the best tech job equivalent to this profession. Project managers need to have leadership skills and know how to optimize time. These skills are very similar to the ones sales managers have.

If you’d like to start a career in tech but you don’t want to spend years pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can opt for a career in project management. Project managers usually have a high salary depending on the company they work on. Besides, since you have a sales manager experience, this will add more value to your job proposal.

Engineer → Software Developer

Engineers are problem-solvers by nature. They find new solutions to the most difficult problems. This means that engineers think with logic and mathematical skills. Therefore, software engineering is the right match if they’re trying to break into tech.

As a software developer you’ll need to work with different programming languages such as JavaScript or Ruby. Software development involves back end development and front end development. While back end is related to servers and the skeleton of the software, front end development requires design skills, since it’s the visual aspect of the app.


Starting a new career is not easy. Therefore, most career changers usually prefer to find an equivalent to their current career. If you’re worried about the fact that you come from a very different background, just think that your diverse background adds value to your career. Instead of being a negative factor, it can be beneficial for your career.

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