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Spanish team joins Japanese team in Tokyo !

May 17, 2012

Spanish team joins Japanese team in Tokyo !

This is an historic moment. Japan Developers, Koichiro Kikuchi and Hirofumi Kosaka, leaded by Junichi Satoh, receive a visit in R-Works of Sancho Lerena and Darío Rodriguez. We have discuss for three days about the future of Pandora FMS, new features, new ideas, new concepts in a friendly collaboration. Language is not a problem for engineers after tons of paper and schemas.

Converstations with the people at Rworks also involve engineering with Mr. Tanaka and marketing issues with Mr. Oshiba and Mrs. Takara. Great team !

Sake also helps ! :-))


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  1. Thank you for visiting to Japan. We had really good discussion time. We believe all of discussion topics will make much better Pandora FMS in the near future.

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