Just a month after the first patch: SP1 , we are glad to announce the Service Pack 2. It contains several fixes. We cant stop to code, even on Xmas! :)

Fixes on PFMS5 SP2

Console issues:

  • Fixed string simple values in visual console.
  • Fixed WMI components form fails due to bad javascript code.
  • Improvement of the usability on the mobile console for tablet devices.
  • Added criticity subquery to events grouped query to fix bad criticity bug.
  • Disable controls from the google maps in GIS to fix arrows controls.
  • Fix styles in group view for groups without states where letters were not visible.
  • API: fixed the get events filtered by group.
  • Mobile: Fixed a bug loading events filtering by group when a group has no events.
  • Several fixes in mobile network map.
  • Fixed a problem with module graph filter regarding to event and period filter.
  • API: Fixed the get events when not found theagent, before it returned the systems events, now it returns an empty list.
  • Fixed sql error in tag tab in Treeview and other minor fixes.
  • Corrected agent counting by module group.
  • Fixed that some multibyte characters are recognized as invalid characters on module creation.
  • Insert Data extension, now uses UTF-8 for output XML encoding.

Server issues:

  • Fixed a possible regexp evaluation issue in pandora_delete_module_from_conf().
  • Fix server crash when try to export an agent with “/” character on name.

How to upgrade my Pandora

  • Automatic way: The SP2 is available to be applied in the Update Manager system of the Pandora FMS console, where your console will upgraded automatically. Update manager only updates Pandora FMS console, the updates of server and agents will be make in manual way.
  • Manual way:  We’ve created new packages of Pandora FMS 5 including the SP2, so you can make a new installation with this Service Pack included or update your current installation.


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