Just a month after the release of Pandora FMS 5, we are glad to announce the Service Pack 1. It contains several fixes and some new great features. We can’t stop to develop!

What’s new on PFMS5 SP1

  • New translation strings. New 100% translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese)
  • Added timezone macro in alerts
  • Added SNMP forwarding support for SNMP Trap server.
  • Improved HTTP/SSL performance with Goliat/WebServer.
  • Improve customization of Visual console adding rich text labels to all items


  • API fixes
  • Policy interface improvements
  • Massive operations fixes
  • Fix status of items with fired alerts in visual maps
  • Fix SLA reports inconsistent results
  • Insert data extension fixes
  • Networkmap console fixes
  • Improve contextual helps
  • Tree view repeated elements and subgroups issues solved
  • Propagation in ACL by tags fixes
  • Fix some graphs colors
  • GIS layer overlapping problems when use Google Maps
  • Improve metaconsole security and embebed failures
  • Fixed service configuration bugs
  • Adapt scripts to new API version
  • Fix problem in Dataserver when receive XML with agent parent defined but empty
  • Fix many bugs on parser of configuration file y policy application
  • Improve policy application
  • Fixes in Export Server
  • Fixes in SNMP Enterprise server
  • Fixes in upgrading scripts
  • Improve integration of plugins with modules in unix agent
  • Some fixes and security improvements in windows and unix agents
  • Some mobile console fixes
  • Visual improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

How to upgrade my Pandora

  • Automatic way: The SP1 is available to be applied in the Update Manager system of the Pandora FMS console, where your console will upgraded automatically. Update manager only updates Pandora FMS console, the updates of server and agents will be make in manual way.
  • Manual way:  We’ve created new packages of Pandora FMS 5 including the SP1, so you can make a new installation with this Service Pack included or update your current installation.


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