8 Tips For Server Monitoring Alerts

The last thing you want to happen is for your server to crash, so understanding alerts and knowing the next step to resolve any issues is key. As one of today’s leading network and server monitoring software, Pandora FMS wants to ensure that when it comes to your servers, you’ll have a smooth landing every time! That’s why below we’ve gathered some of the best practices for dealing with server alerts.

Here you’ll find eight helpful tips to help you avoid emergency scenarios!

1. Know Your External Environment

Just like a pilot needs to understand the weather they’re flying through, you need to have a good handle on the environment of your network, in this case, the flow of traffic. Spikes in traffic can lead to a host of alerts, which you need to be prepared for. Having a clear idea of how your network will respond to a jump in traffic is important and will provide you with the insight you need to ensure your network and servers can respond adequately.

2. Understand Your Network’s Normal Parameters

Knowing how your system functions on a normal day will help you have a good idea of how to respond effectively when issues do arise. This is where continuous server and network monitoring can be extremely useful, helping you to create a picture of how your network behaves during normal operations. Understanding its baseline operations can enable administrators to calibrate and create a hierarchy of alerts.

3. Be Wary of a Lack of Alerts

Just because you’re not receiving any alerts doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing. This can also be a sign that everything isn’t what it seems. If your system isn’t producing any alerts at all, it’s likely a sign that something is wrong with your alert systems. You may need to double-check your alert system to ensure it’s operating properly and allow for allowable deviations to help you identify issues before they grow out of hand.

4. Manage Your Resources

Are the alerts from your system going to the right people? To ensure any issues are fixed efficiently and effectively, you’ll need to notify the proper personnel to correct them ASAP. Sending the right alerts to the right people, via text or email, is important. This way they only receive alerts that they’re expected to handle, rather than having their inbox flooded with alerts that would be better sent elsewhere.

5. Don’t Mute Alerts

It’s important to ensure that your system alerts aren’t winding up in the spam folder. This can cost you dearly if you miss a major issue that affects your server or network. One way to avoid this from ever happening is to set up alert escalation in your server monitoring software, that way if an alert is overlooked by someone, it will then be sent to the next person in the chain of command.

6. Don’t Panic!

When you receive alerts, it’s important not to panic. Likely, most of them will be minor issues and when there is a major event, you’ll probably have the right action plan in place to resolve it quickly and effectively. This is where your IT team comes into play.

7. Invest in Comprehensive Monitoring Tools

One of the best ways you can avoid costly issues and network downtime is to have the right tools in place to monitor your servers and network. If you don’t feel confident about your current monitoring solutions, switch to a software provider that makes you feel like you’re well-protected. Doing so will provide you with peace of mind and all the necessary tools to keep your network running smoothly.

8. Think of the Big Picture

It’s often easy to get bogged down and hung up on various alerts, trying to fix minor issues without looking at the bigger picture. The most important thing is that your servers and network are running properly and aren’t being derailed by major issues. If that’s the case, take your time identifying and tweaking operations to fix the minor issues but don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Comprehensive server monitoring solutions from Pandora FMS

When it comes to keeping a close eye on your servers and network, our software equips you with everything you need. Pandora FMS is a software that will help you increase efficiency and give you added oversight by collecting key data and insight all in one place. Our integrated solution covers everything from user applications to hardware components.

Our software comes with default policies for each usage environment, application, and operating systems in both Linux and Windows environments. We allow you to customize your server monitoring services, reusing your own scripts or facilitating the deployment of new ones, enabling you to monitor any application, service, or process.

Like all of our technology, our server monitoring software is created in-house, not developed by third parties. This means that you can get any information you need directly from the source without third-party connectors or heavy appliances by using native calls to the operating system.

Pandora FMS recommends installing a local agent, however, you can also obtain information directly from your servers remotely.

Total Integration in Server Monitoring

When you invest in our server monitoring software, you’ll receive total integration at every level, including:

  • API/CLI for automation in provisioning and later configuration.
  • Direct and inverse proxies for complex network topology.
  • A centralized, rule-based provisioning system.
  • Packaged agents for unattended installation.

Contact us today for comprehensive network and server solutions!

For more than fifteen years, Pandora FMS has been working with clients around the world to provide them with cutting-edge network software and technology. Our clients are located in more than 40 countries and we have partners in Europe, Asia, and America.

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