Savings with monitoring; how much does it mean for a company?

Are you the type of person who wonders why things happen? When you were a child, did you look into the clouds when it rained and wonder what was the mechanism behind it?

This is an intelligent attitude. We cannot go through life relying only on chance and our intuitions; sometimes it is convenient to ask ourselves about things before doing them, especially when it comes to making some important decisions.

For example, decisions regarding your work. Your company may have an important IT infrastructure. Have you ever wondered why you should have monitoring software? In this article we are going to know some of the advantages that this type of program can offer you, especially when it comes to savings. Let’s go!

Saving with monitoring; what are we going to save?

– Savings in the cost of incidents

It’s one of the most obvious advantages.

Today, many businesses rely on their IT to work effectively. Whether for customers or internally, IT is used for everything, so a service failure or impairment can directly result in financial loss.

And while it’s not easy to calculate the economic impact of IT failures, we can make a rough assessment to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

For example, if we want to take as a reference the loss of having workers not working due to failures in the computer systems.

Let’s imagine that our company has 200 employees and that problems of different nature cause each of them to lose an annual average of 12 hours of work. To each of these employees we attribute a cost of 25 euros/hour. Let’s do a quick calculation:

200*12*25= 60,000 euros/year.

What do we mean by this? Does this mean that if we have monitoring software, we will not lose a single euro for workers unemployed due to problems with computer systems? That cannot be guaranteed! The reason is that problems in systems can have different causes and monitoring software is not an infallible weapon that can eliminate any type of error forever. However, what it will be able to do is to contribute to their prevention and/or, in the event that they are presented, their resolution will be quicker. And all that can save a lot of money…

Now imagine that the problems affect the customers. For example, imagine that the website that accounts for a large part of your sales becomes unusable or suffers a drop in performance. Or that the system that supports billing stops working and backup systems are out-dated and do not respond to demand. Do you feel a chill running down your spine?

Calculating the impact in this type of situation is impossible, but we do know one thing: it can be very high.

– Savings in reputation

Let us continue to delve into one of our previous examples. Your website has been down and out of service for a few hours. What do you think your customers will think about this?

You know how things work, and more now that almost everyone uses the Internet constantly. Bad experiences spread and flow like rivers.

On the one hand, if a potential buyer tries to enter your site and is unable to do so (or can enter, but is unable to purchase any product), it is likely that he or she will not visit it again. On the other hand, you’re more than likely to talk about your access problems, or at least not recommend you when you talk to friends and family about shopping sites. Quite bad, don’t you think?

– Savings in technical personnel

How many people in your company are in charge of technical maintenance? If your company is a certain size, it may be more than one.

For these people, monitoring software can be a very useful tool, which will help them to be much more effective in their work. This gives them more time for more productive tasks. But this is not the only technical saving. Let’s move on.

– Savings in IT material

It is another of the qualities of good monitoring software.

Many companies are not even sure what IT resources they have. In addition, in many cases they may have leftover or underused material.

Good monitoring software can help companies become more aware of their IT infrastructure, which will help them make better use of it.

Saving with monitoring; some conclusions

These are only some examples of saving with monitoring that a good monitoring can suppose for a company. And there is more! For example, if you want you can go deeper into the subject thanks to this article.

As we have already mentioned, monitoring software does not work miracles; it cannot prevent all the failures that a company’s IT may suffer, but it can prevent many of them and/or reduce the resolution time, in case they occur. Are you going to play it and will you still not have one? Now, how about you discover Pandora FMS?

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