Let’s check out together the new features and improvements for Pandora FMS new release: Pandora FMS 752.


Server remote configuration form

This new feature allows modifying the server’s configuration through a simple form from Pandora FMS console, enabling you to keep on using remote or local configuration as previously. It is a view where to enable/disable servers, as well as modify some of the advanced configuration fields.


New elements for visual console dynamic network interfaces

There is now the possibility of including an element the information flow between two visual console items can be represented with, as it may be the case of traffic between two network interfaces.


Dynamic service improvements

An advanced mode for dynamic services has been implemented. It allows using regular expressions to match agent, module and custom field conditions (both names and values), as well as warning messages when any of these fields do not match any agent.


New usable macros for event responses

New macros have been added: “_data_” ,” _event_instruction_” and “_moduledescription_” within event responses.

Other improvements

These you just read are just a few of the news included in Pandora FMS release 752. You may read the full content of this release here.
You may update your Pandora FMS version through the official website.

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