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Changes to our release system!

November 12, 2020

Changes to our release system!

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New Pandora FMS release system

Life is always about improving, right?

As we have been doing for so many years, we pay attention to your suggestions. And that has led us to make some decisions in order to improve our release strategy.

After carefully studying your comments, we have decided to offer two different types of releases. On the one hand, solid long-term releases. On the other, we will keep on going with our regular periodic releases where we offer constant short-term improvements. Would you like to know how we are going to do it? Keep on reading…

Long Term Support Release System (LTS)

The main news is that we will adopt a very simple and common model, that of Long Term Support versions or LTS. Thus, we will launch two LTS versions each year, in April and November. This 2020, the 750 LTS will be available this November, thus being the first that we will launch in this modality.

Long Term Support is a term used to refer to special versions intended to be kept for a longer period of time. That will be the policy we use for these versions.

So, our April and November releases will be designed to keep Pandora FMS updated during the time periods that go from one version to the next one.

And what about regular updates?

The new LTS system does not mean that the regular Pandora FMS updates will disappear! Between the April and November updates we will provide three updates, as usual, keeping the consecutive numbering according to the rolling release protocol. Thanks to these “intermediate” updates, you will be able to continue taking advantage of the constant improvements that we keep on adding to Pandora FMS.

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