New package to update release Pandora FMS 733

The main news of this new 733 update package is the improvement of the Pandora FMS console interface, besides the improvement of functionalities such as the recently launched Discovery, the agent Custom Fields or the network monitoring improvements with NetFlow and Pandora NTA (Network Traffic Analyzer).

New features and improvements

Simplifying monitoring: Pandora FMS Discovery – Part 2

Our challenge is to make monitoring simple, that’s why in this release 733 Discovery’s functionality has been improved with the introduction of the following changes:

  • Discovery Host and Devices Net Scan: the possibility of discovering new networks using a custom Recon Script that executes a custom logic (for example: IPMI detection, integration with custom IoT devices, etc.) has been introduced.
  • release Pandora FMS 733

  • Discovery Task List: visual improvement of the Recon by means of Net Scan in the Task List section, with which it will be possible to preview a network map with the devices found by the task, in addition it will be possible to see live the progress of the same one.
  • New notification system: the server list status button has been introduced again to see the general status of the servers at a glance.

Local Network Monitoring: Pandora NTA

A new network probe, Pandora NTA (Network Traffic Analyzer), will allow to analyze local network traffic in real time and provide traffic statistics to know who consumes more traffic on the network. In addition, Pandora NTA will be able to generate consumption maps between machines to know what is happening in the network, identifying all the devices connected by IP, as well as all the traffic flows to other machines and the errors they produce, such as duplicated MAC’s or erroneous mask configurations.

release Pandora FMS 733

UEFI support

The possibility of Pandora FMS installation by ISO through UEFI boot mode has been introduced. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to have the BIOS mode in the machine where we want to install Pandora FMS.

Update Manager improvements

Until now, when an update was made through the Update Manager, it only updated the console by inserting the necessary files into the installation without deleting those that were not necessary. As of this release 733, obsolete files that are not needed inside Pandora FMS console will also be eliminated, decreasing the size of the installation.

Custom Fields drop-down

In the agent Custom Fields we have introduced the possibility of predefining a combo of options in order to pre-configure these options and avoid transcription errors.

release Pandora FMS 733

Unique IP of an agent

Pandora FMS has a system to check that each agent name is unique, with this update a new functionality has been included to also verify that the ip introduced is unique in each agent.

Other improvements

Network traffic monitoring system improvements with NetFlow

The current NetFlow functionalities have been revised and refactored, as well as adding new applications such as being able to navigate between the information obtained from NetFlow probes with interactive views to show the largest traffic consumers, the IP’s with the most connections, consumption by ports, etc. NetFlow’s live view interface has been greatly improved and some usability bugs have been corrected.

We have also added an interactive map with the network traffic between each IP pair, which will allow us to see the topology of our network traffic in an interval of time.

release Pandora FMS 733

release Pandora FMS 733

release Pandora FMS 733

New interface of Pandora FMS console

With this update the Pandora FMS interface improvement works begin with a much more current design and focused on the User Experience. In this release 733 the header, the side menu, the login screen that will be customizable and the user edition screen have been modified.

release Pandora FMS 733

release Pandora FMS 733

Event reports

In release 732, Pandora FMS event system improvements were introduced, where the new field of Extended Information appeared. This field has been introduced in the generation of event reports, where the user will be able to choose whether to visualize it or not.

New IPAM incorporations

Two substantial improvements have been made to the extension of IPAM with the introduction of new configurable fields within network management:

  • Network location field within the list of VLANs and Supernets. This field will be automatically completed when performing a network Recon.
  • Possibility of naming a network both in the creation of a new network and in the edition of an existing network. This new field will appear in the network list and in the supernet map.

Parameters in massive event responses

In the last releases the responses of events have been improved with the introduction of massive operations within them. In this update, the possibility of setting parameters manually has been added in the Custom Event Responses section.


  • Fixed the error where duplicate modules when applying a policy in large environments.
  • Fixed the problem that arose when trying to upload files to collections.
  • Fixed a bug with permissions on standard users, where a restriction message would appear permanently even if the user had the right permissions.
  • Fixed a bug in the SLA reports in which the planned stops were not finished.
  • Fixed the problem that did not export reports in csv if the name contained a space.
  • Fixed an error in the display of events by which if one went to the in progress status manually from the hourglass icon some events disappeared below the changed one, having to reload the view.
  • Fixed a bug in the editing and creation of agent plugins when the agent has plugins previously assigned through policies.
  • Fixed a problem that caused an error in the generation of SNMP modules via the SNMP Wizard interface from the satellite server, which was always created with the type of incremental data.
  • Fixed a failure in the filtering of services.
  • Fixed a link error in visual consoles. When an icon of a module is created in visual consoles, when clicking on the icon, it takes us to the monitor view without carrying out the corresponding filter.
  • Fixed the problem of configuration management of the IPAM extension that did not change the group when creating or editing a recognition task in the IPAM extension.

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