New package to update release Pandora FMS 732

The main news of this new 732 update package is the new Discovery functionality, which aims to make it much easier to deploy monitoring through the automatic discovery of various technologies. In addition, several tasks have been performed to improve the creation of PDFs, massive responses to events, as well as the synchronization of various elements in the Metaconsole.

New features and improvements

Discovery Pandora FMS: simplifying monitoring

In the last release, several changes were made in Pandora FMS address management (IPAM); in this update a new functionality has arrived: Discovery. Its objective is to improve different applications of the Pandora FMS console, besides including and reducing the complexity for the user.

release Pandora FMS 732

Discovery will improve and increase its uses as new updates are released. The most important applications introduced in this release are:

  • New system notifications system focused on relevant checks of Pandora FMS console, license, database, server status, etc. These can be configured by the administrator, and by the users that receive them.
  • Improvement in the events system with a new information management mode, where it will be grouped in a single event, being able to show only the relevant data.
  • Discovery Host and Devices Net Scan: new network recognition system that replaces the Recon Tasks, has improved both performance and handling.
  • Discovery Cron Jobs: new Cron Jobs system to operate without assistance on a specific frequency.
  • Discovery Cloud AWS: new Amazon AWS EC2 monitoring system, with which the most relevant information of an EC2 infrastructure can be seen.
  • release Pandora FMS 732

  • Discovery Applications: central wizards for the configuration of monitoring plugins through Discovery, in this first version only VMware monitoring will be deployed.
  • release Pandora FMS 732

  • Discovery Task List: menu where it will be possible to observe all the ongoing tasks of the Discovery system.

Custom field macros for remote monitoring

When configuring remote modules, having to enter information about the same agent several times can quickly become monotonous (e.g. an SNMP community string). Custom field macros allow you to use agent custom fields as macros for certain module configuration options.

Compatibility SNMP v3 to the SNMP Enterprise server

Up to this release 732, SNMP v3 checks were performed via the network server, which resulted in long server delays if a large number of checks were run. With the update, a new functionality has been implemented to reduce these delays in the network server through SNMP v3 checks on the SNMP Enterprise server.

Synchronization of server plugins

In this update, a synchronization of server plugins between the Meta Console and the nodes has been incorporated.

Other improvements

In the past Release, the execution of responses in events was introduced in a massive way; in this update it has been improved by increasing the maximum number of responses (before, the maximum number was 10) and a macro with the user ID has been introduced, so that it is possible to know who executes the responses.

The creation of PDF reports has been improved in order to make their visualization much clearer and more understandable. From this update, it will be possible to put tables inside other tables with greater clarity, and in addition, no table will be cut when changing pages.

A default tree view of services has been added to the service view, which makes it easier to see the status of the branches without having to go inside each service.

release Pandora FMS 732

A new script has been introduced to improve the synchronization between Pandora FMS HA nodes that makes possible to automatically synchronize the slave nodes with the master node.


  • Fixed a bug in the creation of the widget type “Agent/module view” in the dashboards by which the widget was not loaded once configured.
  • Fixed an error that did not show the active remote agent configuration in the agent view of the policies.
  • Fixed a recursive bug when deleting a secondary group in an agent.
  • Fixed a problem with double authentication so it will no longer appear in the user edition, even if it was not enabled in the system.
  • Fixed an event filtering error that ran automatically when no filter was configured.
  • Fixed a problem of module filtering by tag in the mass edition view of modules, which did not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Update Manager of the OpenSource version that made it impossible to update online.
  • Fixed a bug where the master step between servers within the same node did not work properly.
  • Solved a problem of agent elimination through massive operations, by which the alias of this agent was eliminated.
  • Fixed a problem when importing policies in versions with PHP 7, due to which they did not import properly.