New package to update release Pandora FMS 730

Among the new features of the latest Pandora FMS 730 update package, new functionalities have been incorporated such as the incorporation of heat maps, the synchronization of inventory and server plugins in the Meta Console and new calls to the Pandora FMS API.

New features and improvements

Synchronization of inventory modules in the Metaconsole

In previous updates of Pandora FMS the functionality of policy and collection deployment within the Metaconsole to the nodes or instances was included, so it was no longer necessary to create the policies and collections one by one in each node.

With Pandora FMS 730 release you will have the possibility to synchronize also the inventory modules or plugins inside the ‘Module management’ view of the Metaconsole.

New Heat Maps

With this functionality there will be available radial or circular elements which can change color depending on the data obtained by Pandora FMS agent. This functionality would be useful for example to make heat maps of the data obtained from the monitoring of temperature sensors. This new application is called Color Cloud in Pandora FMS and it is available through visual consoles both from nodes and the Metaconsole.

Pandora FMS 730

Recursiveness in groups to launch event alerts

From release 730 onwards, it will be possible to apply recursion over groups when configuring event alerts,facilitating work in environments with hierarchies of groups.

API functionalities

In this release of Pandora FMS 730, new solutions have been created to increase the usability and performance of the API:

  • Get a group ID from the name
  • Get the Timezone configured in Pandora FMS
  • Get the language configured in Pandora FMS
  • Get the configured session time in Pandora FMS
  • List, create, edit and delete event responses
  • List, create, edit and delete user profiles in the Metaconsole
  • List and create collections
  • Create OS

Custom fields View Improvements

Improvements have been added to the personalized view of Custom fields, launched in the previous Pandora FMS update. From release 730 you will be able to filter by modules, see their status and name, as well as choose the group recursion field.

release Pandora FMS 730

Other improvements

    • The information in the audit log regarding the operation with policies and collections has been expanded.

release Pandora FMS 730

  • The visibility of the availability graphs in PDF has been improved.
  • Windows compatibility of network monitoring of large environments with the ICMP Enterprise server has been improved.


  • Pandora FMS Chrome Extension: solved some problems with SSL connections and console URL different to the default ones.
  • Fixed the bug in the Standard user permissions in the management of alert actions.
  • Fixed a problem in the network maps of the OpenSource version, which caused it not to show the relationships between nodes correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the encryption of passwords stored in Pandora FMS database.
  • Fixed different errors of the visual consoles of the Meta Console: application of templates, correct visualization of SLA graphs, horizontal bar graphs and erratic positioning of the lines.
  • Solved the problem that eliminated the modules of the service when changing its name.
  • Fixed an error in the GIS maps that prevented to visualize correctly the information of the agent without the zoom.
  • Solved the problem in the reports of SLA services that prevented its correct operation.
  • Fixed a visual failure in the Agent View.
  • Solved the problem in the massive operations on policies with the option of centralized mode in Metaconsole.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding alerts to services.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some tooltips to display correctly.
  • It has optimized the performance of loading static images on visual consoles Metaconsola, improving loading time up to 400% in some cases.


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