New package to update release Pandora FMS 729

Among the new features of the new Pandora FMS 729 update package is the update to PHP 7, new custom fields views and API improvements among others.

New features and improvements

IMPORTANT: Pandora FMS update to PHP 7 version

Updated to PHP7 version. Now Pandora FMS requires PHP7.2, which has required modifications in internal components, as well as in the libraries that have been updated to support this version.

Pandora FMS release 729

The PHP7 installation should be done once the new Pandora FMS 729 update package is configured. If you don’t upgrade to PHP7, certain non-critical components won’t work properly, such as sending emails from console (CRON tool) and generating PDFs. New components such as the centralized collection management system from the Metaconsole might not work correctly in PHP5 environments and they also need PHP7.

For more information check Pandora FMS documentation here.

Centralized Mode: collection management from Metaconsole

Starting with Release 729, collections can be managed directly from the Metaconsole in the centralized mode. With this functionality you will be able to manage the collections of all the infrastructure through the collections panel in the Metaconsole.

Pandora FMS release 729

New restriction of alert commands

By implementing this functionality, alert commands can be restricted to a single group. Thus, certain users will not be able to edit commands from other groups. To increase flexibility, a button has been added to make a copy of an existing command, so that an administrator can create similar commands, making minimal changes without having to write the configuration from scratch.

New view of custom fields

This new view shows in a simple way the state of the agents according to custom fields. You can create, update and delete filters. The filter management section will only be visible to administrator users.

Pandora FMS release 729

More intuitive event alerts

In event alerts, the “Agent” filter now checks the alias of the agent that triggered the event, instead of just checking its agent_name, making the process much more intuitive.

Agent on standby and other API enhancements

In case you disable an agent in Pandora FMS all checks will stop, both remote and local. When the Pandora FMS agent receives in its configuration ‘standby 1’ it will be kept in latent state, waiting for an activation command from the server.

Also, checks have been added for the different parameters of the planned stops through the use of CLI (pandora_manage).

With release 729, it has also been possible to solve the problem of the Metaconsole that prevented the migration of agents excluding its data history with the CLI and the API.

Other improvements

  • The SNMP Wizard interface has been improved so that when the names are very long they can be worked with without affecting usability.
  • The definition of limits in the modules has been modified in order to be able to eliminate peaks and erroneous data also in data sources with incremental values.
  • It is now possible to rename the files when downloading PDF reports.
  • When you create a report and add a graphic type item, you can see the unit next to the agent name and the module name, if it exists. This data will also be shown from the modules view of an agent.

Pandora FMS release 729

  • Improved performance by exporting Log View content to CSV when dealing with a large volume of information.


  • Fixed a bug in the SLA view.
  • Fixed a bug in the remote server configuration.
  • Fixed Autocombined Custom Graph from template creation.
  • Solved the problems when installing the ISO in Pandora FMS through USB.
  • Fixed the bug that could not add new actions to alerts.
  • Fixed the error when making mouse over in graphs.
  • Fixed the pagination in the agent modules view.
  • Fixed the problem of ‘Agent management’ in the Meta Console.
  • Fixed a bug when inserting the agent name field when creating an event through API.
  • Fixed the problem with the group filter in Agent Module View.
  • Fixed the error where agents did not appear when creating clusters.

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