Release Pandora FMS 725

New package to update release Pandora FMS 725

Among the new features of the new release Pandora FMS 725, you will find improvements, visual changes and different solutions to problems. Below you will find a list of the most important changes.

New features and improvements

Centralized policy management from the Metaconsole

Until now the policy management was handled from the Pandora FMS Console. From now on, this functionality will also be available centrally in a single panel, the Metaconsole, allowing you to manage all your monitoring in the same portal.

Centralized policy management from Metaconsole - Release Pandora FMS 725

Automatic agent configurator

This new functionality will allow you to automatically configure all the agents that register in your Pandora FMS. From a set of rules that you define, you can apply different settings and policies, launch custom events, run scripts or alerts.

Automatic agent configurator - Release Pandora FMS 725

Service-based root cause detection

When a service failure is detected, the chain of events from the source of the failure to the highest point affecting the service is available. With this information, you can debug errors, speeding up the recovery of your service.

From now on, you can set up cascade protection at the service level, which will disable alerts and events for items that belong within it.

Service-based root cause detection - Release Pandora FMS 725

Complete Services in Metaconsole

We extend the functionality of services in the Metaconsole, including both those of other nodes as well as individual elements (agents and modules). This will allow you to have a detailed view of the complete global services from a single console.

Agent Visualization in GIS Maps

The new server mode will allow you to get the GPS position of each new agent. This way you can automatically place all your agents, based on their IP, on a GIS map.

Agent visualization in GIS Maps - Release Pandora FMS 725

Other features

  • From this update, you can add new columns to the event view with the following fields: “Module Value”, “Module Name” and “Module Status”, from the column customization section of the event console.

New columns to the event view - Release Pandora FMS 725

  • The new SNMP Trap forward will allow you to change the state of the destination module, thus altering the state of the agent. This status can be set to normal by manually validating the trap in the trap console.
  • We have implemented a new function to massively mark events with “in progress” status.
  • From this update, Tentacle will be able to support transfers with automatic compression, consuming less bandwidth in data transfers. This change will affect both the server and the agents, which will have to be updated. Tentacle servers will still be compatible with the previous mode (no compression). Although the agent data files (XML) are not very large, in critical mobility environments (GRPS, 3G) every byte counts.
  • Improvements in policy management from API/CLI.


  • Fixed a bug in monthly SLA reporting.
  • We have fixed the bug that did not allow adding an individual agent to a GIS layer.
  • Fixed a bug that showed repeated agents in the tree view with secondary groups in the Metaconsole.
  • We have fixed the problem in visual console searches.
  • Fixed the sorting error in the combined graphs, which did not allow the user to specify the order of the graphs.
  • Fixed the problem in the packaging of the Braa binary affecting the Windows satellite.

About usability issues and minor interface errors

In this version we have solved more than twenty small usability problems. They are not serious, but now the interface will be much more user-friendly and easy for the administrator. We have many more improvements in mind – we’ve just started!

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