What’s new in Pandora FMS latest release, Pandora FMS 757

Let’s check out together the features and improvements related to Pandora FMS new release: Pandora FMS 757.


Internal messaging system in the Metaconsole

The messaging system has been implemented in the Metaconsole, which now also allows seeing, similarly to nodes, update notices, messages from other users and system notes.

New documentation in Russian

Although the translation is not yet 100% complete, we’re proud to say that the official Pandora FMS documentation is already in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Japanese and now… Russian!

Collection of new plugins

  • Openstack Plugin

New Open Plugin. It captures data from hypervisors and instances remotely through the openstack api.

  • Pandora MongoDB

New Enterprise plugin. It obtains server stats, the databases and their collections. Remote plugin, with support for Mongo Atlas.

  • Plugin Ldap

New Open plugin, it connects to an ldap account and collects stats related to operations, connections, statistics or waiters.

  • Plugin Nginx

Enterprise plugin update. Updated to python 3.

  • Plugin VMware

Enterprise plugin update. Added a Reject parameter to discard agent IP automatic update.

  • Cisco configuration Inventory Plugin

Enterprise plugin update. Added support for Spanish language systems.

  • Plugin Inventario Cisco configuration

Enterprise inventory plugin update. Added option to define credentials in execution parameters.

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