What’s new in the latest release of Pandora FMS, Pandora FMS 755

Let’s review together the features and improvements related to the new Pandora FMS release: Pandora FMS 755.


There are several ways to update Pandora FMS console:

  • Through Update Manager, in Pandora FMS console itself, automatically (it requires console internet connection).
  • Through Update Manager, in Pandora FMS console itself, manually, through OUM update files.
  • By manually installing RPM packages and later updating the console through the web interface.

The server will have to be manually updated through RPM or tarball packages.
You may find more information about Pandora FMS downloads on our website:

For detailed information and the steps to follow to update each item, classified by operating systems, go to our Wiki.


New agent installer for MacOS



In this version we released a graphical installer for MacOS agents.

New interface view

A new specific view has been added to be able to see the network interfaces that are being monitored. On the one hand, there is the general view where you can filter the different agents that carry out said monitoring and on the other hand, a special view within each agent.


New online documentation

We have migrated our online documentation system to a new site: https://pandorafms.com/manual which allows better searches, better navigation and better mobile usability. It also allows exporting on demand in PDF and very soon also in eBook (ePub) format.


New Metaconsole interface

The visual interface of the Metaconsole has been modified to improve its navigability and display, adding the left side menu similar to that of the node. We have also unified some styles that will make working with the Metaconsole more familiar to how you work with the node.


New Update Manager (WARP update)

WARP is the new version of the old Pandora FMS update system (Update manager). This new version allows you to apply server and console updates without having to execute any command in the terminal. In the Metaconsole, updates are applied in a distributed manner from the Metaconsole to the nodes, with a simple click. From now on, updates incorporate a digital signature so that the source of said update can be manually validated (both online and offline).

Agent inventory

We have created a new type of report that is used to list the installed agents. Among other metrics, you can see the IP, main group, secondary groups, description and other data. These reports can also be exported to CSV and XML.

Full console translation into Russian

We have translated and revised 100% of the console into Russian. We are also working on the Russian translation of the online documentation.



Due to the new version 755 update system, WARP Update, it is necessary to perform a couple of extra steps in the console after updating the server. From version 755, the server will be automatically updated from the console using the pandora_ha component that already existed in the Enterprise version and that is now open for the Community. This component allows you to control server performance (stopping and starting it, controlling the status of HA and updates, if any).

Before updating the server it will be necessary to stop the server:

service pandora_ha stop
/etc/inid.d/pandora_server top

And start it again after updating it:

service pandora_ha start

Or through the init.d script that has been modified to start pandora_ha

/etc/init.d/pandora_server start

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