What’s new in Pandora FMS latest release, Pandora FMS 754

Let’s take a look together at the features and improvements included in this new Pandora FMS release: Pandora FMS 754.


Metaconsole Dashboards

Dashboards can now be used within the Metaconsole, to be able to centrally manage all the information more visually.

New AWS monitoring. Amazon S3

The possibility of monitoring Amazon S3 cubes has been added to be able to monitor the files they include, the size of each file, the number of items in each cube, permissions, etc.

New installers for Cloud

In previous versions, we prepared a remote script to install Pandora FMS in any environment: virtual, cloud or physical, by just having access to the internet. In this version, we have done the same to install Pandora FMS agents, in a customized way with just one click.

Check out the documentation or try it yourself:

curl -Ls https://pfms.me/agent-deploy | bash

Improved event widget in Dashboard

It now allows you to incorporate saved filters, so that the widget will show events using those custom filters.


Visual enhancements to console settings

Pandora FMS console setup display has been improved to not show anymore all the options in a single column and thus be able to see it more easily and quickly.


Would you like to find out more information about this new Pandora FMS release?, download the full information right here!

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Last but not least, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use the Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Find more information here .

Do not hesitate to send us your questions. Pandora FMS team will be happy to help you!